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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Monkey Socks and more..

Monkey - the third pair of socks for January! A free pattern from Knitty, very popular, fun to knit, and just nice. I killed a sweater for the yarn, that is what knitting socks from stash means. The yarn is made in Italy, Gepard CottonWool bought at Trassel in Täby, ages ago. I have a whole sweater of this, in baby blue, baby pink and light grey. All of them is going to be my new socks - to be used. I decided to make reinforced heel, and also knit the pattern longer into the toe...
Thinking a bit practical, and having been warned that the pattern might be too tight, I went up from 2.5mm to 3mm. Idea was that socks could be thrown in the machine - and shrink comfortable. Since Im really going to use them, I thought that would be and advantage...But they feel a bit too loose right now. Anyhow, recomended. And also knitted for the Sockklubb 2008, as my January entry. At least I did all my main goals for January. Now it is only a sweater to finish (HA!) forget that. So, Im inbetween Poetry of Stiches "Wedding Cardigan", and Bohus "Vildäpplet". I picked Wildäpplet up, just to check where I was, and that soft great yarn. And I started to count stiches. Something aint right here, that is all what I have to say. Did I count wrong when dividing the collar into sleeves front and back? Hmm.. Im curious of next month. And - I found more now, when cleaning the Yarn-room that should go on the UFO/WIP list. I at least have started some other "goal". Do some repairwork in my clothing area. They are also thrown into the yarn-room, and the amount of busted buttons are surprisingly big. Im planning for a lot of things getting fixed. Now it is a matter of getting into Finishing Februrary. But I only have "heavy" projects... so that is not so easy with all KAL's ongoing! (KAL= Knit-A-Long, translation for my brother, who I know is checking in! ang complains about our knitting lingo) By the way, he and his friend has an exhibition in Gävle now. Have a look: Johan Mauritzson - skulptur och måleri Plats: IDKA Kulturkiosken Nygatan 41 mittemot musikbörsen, Gävle.