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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

FO- Kurzeme - Barta mitten

It is simply beautiful patterned work in the Latvian Mitten from the District of Kurzeme. This mitten is called Barta mitten (pattern plate 117). That I knitted "exactly" as the pattern is - but I cannot really take the colour palett from the book - so I do my own modern take on this. This pattern really contains all my favourite colours (except from the green palett) which I also love. Funny that the lime look very yellow in this setting. Anyhow, I am very happy about this mittens, "fits like a glove" as they say.
Otherwise I have started a second blog. Equally "boring".. but for you stalkers - check out my attempts to achieve my goal of "Getting in Shape" in time for my PhD. Trying to log exercise and food. I am doing this for myself - to keep honest, and feel better (and of course look smashing on my big day!) Also - we are doing a lot of work around the house, so this will be talked about there... Join the fun!
Finally, dear commenter - I have a series of links to yarnshops in Sweden and Denmark to the right in this blog. If you make yourselves known - you can mail me in Ravelry where I linger under the same name (garngamen). Also - if you do not have a Ravelry account - it is about time you get one, it is free - and being a knitter and not joining Ravelry - you are missing out big time. This is pretty much my summer. Knitting, Thesis, workout and fixing my home. Have it great out there!