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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

FO: Silk Swings Again

Silk swings again! The intention was a "swing jacket". But not enough yarn to make it really swing. Also - the "again" is of course a hint that this is "recycled silk". Not really recycled yarn but recycled cloth/sari's. I love the thought of it. And I had fun inventing the pattern myself. Even added my own buttons. The lower-edge is filled with small glass-beads - but they totally drown in this -what a waste of effort. I am most proud of the little "phone-pocket" that is well hidden in the "pattern". Ok - I will loose my extra bulk - and THEN it will be a swing-jacket! Just some more weeks tied to the computer! Then my new life will start ;-) Just wish the cold would leave. It was really "dark falling fast" when taking these pictures, so I hope you get the idea.... And yes, a wash/press will make them sohoho much better. But fun. And Finished! (I am not going to talk about the wonderful Szeged, and the horrible Budapest-Lizt security at the airport - who took my 3.25 needles.. so no progress on the "former sweater"). New things ahead. Soon this web-side will be more alive ;-)