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Friday, October 26, 2007

Finally fri-day!

What IS that - a hat? Im back into knit-frenzy! I have bought the most wonderful yarn from Nysta, and are producing the Jacuzzi-caps for my boss. Since I really, really really (do NOT repeat now) want to go at the apple again. So I did a BLUE and a fall-coulur. Both these were the the two last in the series. Anyhow, Im not only a flying I have taken the train. Do-desk-kaden, do-desk-jaden (a japanese movie that made an impression)... well, This was just a short train-trip to Gothenburg this week.On the train I knitted this multi-size beanie-like thing. Outside the fall showed its best matching colour. A beautiful day, full of hope. Actually this conference was ok. I did my presenation, and got a lot of serious advice on my research. And I found some new collegues. Anyhow, what was best was I could help some other persons with their. Well. I also met an old friend at the tram. He recognized me. I really did not initially. But old brainwaves jogged me into realizations. Anyhow, I found Linked-in. I have heard the sell the information to recruiters. So. Who knows. Is it good? It is great fun. I found some other old friends I have not spoken with for years. Feels great to get back in contact. Of course, the problem is Im starting to doubt blogger. Do they also sell the information? Are all pictures here automatically someone elses? Hmm. I stay out of face-book, they keep copyright. Well. Im sure not many got the Swedish pun.
I actually thing FRI-day is a Viking invention, because FRI means FREE in Swedish! ;-) And I sure feel free for a very very long time. Now it is time to take care of me for a while. Of course I ended up with some infection again, but, hey no wonder. Now it is wonderful weekend. Snuggle with hubby. Water my Hoya's, eat some good food, get exercise - AND KNIT! Do another Apple. Well, you know, this weekend will be just filled we life. Maybe some great knitting pictures of my Gothenburg trip. And Now you have seen 2 of 6 Jacuzzi head-pieces. So now I wonder if boss is sneak-peaking on the blog. Shold I wait until I have delivered them? Confess!
Well. Thats life. Silence.


BertandFelix said...

Love the trains in Sweden. I took the train from Gothenburg to Stockholm once...so relaxing!!

Mrs Petersson said...

Actually (but I'm sure you knew this S.) Friday comes from the god Frej's day. But that isn't so bad either, since he is the Viking god of pleasure...

By the way I don´t know if you have been to visit me yet. We met in Härnösand in 2003 and I've read you blog since then, but only got a camera this summer.