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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Bohus kit yeah ! - And some progress...

A wonderful packet of Bohus "Scilla" a long time on my list of wanted Bohus... Yummy. I think I deserved it as a birthday present to myself ;-) to listen to the great IPod from Hubby.. Ok, I also bought some more Bohus goodies, but that is between Santa and me... Otherwise I'm in a big fight how to finish the collar of my camisole, that is transformed into a cardigan ;-) WITH a collar. Assembly of the sleeves and some crochet. Should not be more that 10 hours of work...Next weekend. This was all window painting, and finding lamps and switches for the house in renovation. But - I have already gotten the freezing weather at the doorstep - so this wonderful sweater is on the needles. St Bridgit from A. Starmores "Aran Knitting", with Vålbergs yarn. Beautiful colourvariations. Just like the leafs on the trees.. Yes, this is sleeve one.... second sleeve and the front, and much "tricks" in assembly, zipper?? and yeah.. but a progress in love....It is all knitters cable dream, surprisingly great for both thin and thick (like this) yarn. Im in love. But I guess my 14 hour workday does not give room for my usual 4 hour knitting. And yes, I really want to finish my camisole gone cardigan.. It is my 12th sweater this year. Anyhow, Im always solousy forgetting to thank you fall out there for your kind comments to this blog. So really, thank you Dear Mary and Dear Carrie for your nice comments on the cotton camisole. Remeber... I get older, but I am not too old for comments ;-)