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Saturday, July 12, 2008

FO Slipper Socks in Noro..

StickaMera's SockKlubb (Swedish sock KAL) have me in a grasp. I mean - check the members different socks (scroll a bit down!)- Garngamen is behind.. so now -Socks it is! And this was a true pleasure. The Noro Kuyreon Sock yarn is just fantastic. I heard some complaints, but it is true. It works well as a sockyarn. Thin but hard spun so it is strong. Long strands of almost even coloured that is joined with a bit thicker wool. It is perfect for this great pattern - done "almost" to the letter. If you know how to knit and move one stitch cable - it is so fun. If you don't this is not your pattern. But learn it - it is fab! I really enjoyed it. Now Im throwing myself on the sideways socks before starting on July's entry Pomatomus socks (which I have long wanted to knit). But these babies are not well travel companions, and Im boarding a lot of planes (US westcoast - Here I come! San Jose, Seattle and vicinity)... So not only will this website be closed for some weeks since uploading pic's is a costly endevour)...So I have to have some thick needles on the plane, wood, that passes security - and still gives me hours of lace-knitting on the plane. What about this lightweight yarn easy to pack. And - now here is some planning. If Im to knit in US, should I assume I should knit with freshly purchased yarn? Or... should I bring one UFO to accompaign me in the car? Hmm decisions decisions....Im thinking first and most on what knitting to pack than anything.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Vacation is no vacation!

OK! Im here. Busy. Raining. Hubby and dad-in-Law have teared down the rest of the kitchen. Mum- in-law have helped me ironing a big stack of inherited tablecloths... and also scraped most of the kitchen sofa. Myself have been project-leader for 2 bedroom (Correction: BATHROOMS, I must be tired!) "complete" selection, measuring and ordering. Exhausted hubby and I escaped on the sailboat. 11 hours sleep. Finished Slippery socks. But forgot camera. We got caught in the rain back. Drenched. Otherwise. Life is great on the one week vacation. Pictures...yeah.. socks will be tomorrow.