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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Ni Hao- Shanghai yarnshops

Following where the Taxi drives on the map gives rewards. Intensly stearing out the window to look for yarnshops on the way to and from work, I managed to get back to Tianshan Road (W.) near Changning district, where near Beixinjing metro line 2 (north side of road) 2 yarnshops were very close! Did they have yarn? Yep! I really had expert support by my host, S. , who learned more about yarn then he wanted. But he was intrigued of my dedication. And - Im knitting caps to boss, and he could relate to that. So- the picture of him discussing purity of wool and % humidity (weight) was an experience. We had to figure out Pure wool, since a lot is superwash. The shop on the right had 1000g (1 kg or 2.2 pound) cashmere on cone, for 658 RMB.. which was just a bit to expensive at the time (just having had a lunch for 10 RMB) but I guess now in hindsight it was not so bad. The only thing Im thinking is - was it really cashmere - but they seemed honest, so I think it actually would be. None of these shops had silk, but plenty of cotton and variants of wool. I got just 100 g of the turqoise wool on the picture up left and another 300g of the same wool brand (ISO certified!) in natural grey. very thin - probably good for a slip-over with a descrete pattern in turqoise. Anyhow, I also got thin cotton in lime (you can glance it on left bottom corner). Of course, 116 RMB for the lot. Cheap. Except 3 days of raining, and a lot of work day (and night) I also managed to get my favorite "dumplings" and nodel pancake dumpling that was heaven. XieXie (= thank you very much). It might not look great, but I tell you , these "slimy things" are yummy - Yum Cha. Food for dreams. Of course my suitcase was almost exploding with the yarn - and yes, I got some that might be for bosses caps too. My work went great. The intense flying to Beijing, taxi to conference, speaking, and then Galadinner (opposite Tsingtao univeristy), and then back to hotel - forgot my computer on the bus (which I got back midnight) and up 2 o clock to catch plane home... That did not give me many pictures, but intense experience. Spiderman 3 on plane back.. and some knitting on the Lotus Tank top from IK-06 summer issue. I slept like a log when coming back home. And now Im off tomorrow to London - and Windsor Castle grounds! No shopping time this time. Just work (again). Anyhow. Shanghai was really interesting. For sure.