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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Mothers Day!

This is how I spent mothers day - knitting on socks for mommy dearest - out at Ladviken one of our favourite spots. I had hoped I would finish them, but I guess when the great weather hits, one melts in the sun. It is rare to have such fab weather, mild winds and it hits on a weekend. It is so nice. It seems like we have one weekend a year with this wonderful quality. So what is happening? I had some intense workingdays, but 30 minutes I managed to visit Strikk in Gothenburg. It is a great and inspiring knitting store, filled with goodies. What is especially fun is their own range of "quick and simple" knits at display. I was there picking in buttons and patting yarn so long, that they really wondered what kind of weird person I was, so after several "are you sure you do not need help?", I had to admit having a yarn-storage at home beating the store... but - that it still was a pleasure. Of course, this "not-buying-any-yarn-I'm-sohoho-good-and-in-control"-void made me immediately run and buy 2 large choclate bars (Mmmm Marabou) and then throw myself into the new Star Trek movie, so I would not go yarn nuts... haha..., yeah, that travel and living in hotel does to you... I stayed up until 2 fixing my presentation after that... Sigh... But I managed to avoid buying anything new! I have lately been aware how my stash mysteriously grow instead of shrink, and the trend is going to change. Anyhow - my dear readers, thanks so much for the encouragement. I will continue blogging in my old fashion. Especially now, when summer is coming up there is more time for travel, knitting and blogging. Since - now the weather is back to normal, it dropped seriously in temprature, the rain is hammering - and will be for the rest of the week and weekend. Great knitting time! So, latest report? ok, second sock for mom almost done (be patient mom, they will arrive in mail, perfect for you!), progress on camisole..., and yeah, I have been knitting a holder for the blouse bunnies. So many threads to fasten, some more attachments, straps, but getting there. Very fun and inspiring (ok, pictures coming too). Inditop is on the short-list, as well as finishing the secret Sue sweater. Now when it is colder, motivation comes back. And then back to socks. All in June plan! Hang in there! It all must be finished soon. Sail on!