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Friday, October 19, 2007

Hyvää- from Korea to Finland...

Knitted pants? And a top in black jeans? The latest Korea fashion, would have been nice now, when the fall sweaps in like a frosty hug over the fantastic leafs. It is dark, and only in the sky I see the sun. I have had a strange experience this week. One of my blind spots in life is when people are mean, I mean, really deliberate sadistic to me over a long period. This time I just started to cry. Then I finally saw what was happening, and I just feel so sorry for that poor person that must attack me so personally. Anyhow, from a magic corner I re-gained my strength, honestly proud for being able to clarify the situation. Re-strenghtened I prepared my course and now I have worked two full day and nights. Anyhow Nights rhyms with tights. And I really had success. so Im a happy person again. This is life. Ups and downs. I wonder why I have not knitted any thights to myself. I must. No pics from Finland, but definitely you need a cute little Robot from Robotshop Robot & Robot in Korea. I need to un-Robot myself. Tomorrow is YARNSHOPPING. Im going to do 6 caps for boss. He is bald and he complains of the frosty winds when snuggling in his Jacuzzi. Take care!

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