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Saturday, December 15, 2007

No, not a knot. Attjo! Prosit!

In the reflection. No, it is not my neckless. Wow, suddenly I get some great comments. You are out there. Wow, how many smart and interesting people the world is filled with. I wish you could teach me some trick to stay healthy. Im sick - AGAIN! influenza? just a bad cold? Well, the raking of the garden made my "bingo-wings" hihi, collaps the last lymphatic defence in the "Matrix invasion" of bugs into my system. I have been sick. Being VERY careful not to end up at the hospital this time, this cold bare all the same signs as the last springs bad one. My head is like a KNOT, and when I cough I get strings of beads (hmmm, not really) from my lungs. All muscles are sore. And Im just amazed I still can breath ok. Asthma makes me stay up all night and blog. No, I cannot say Im nervous for my Lic. It is more that I "relax" now.... and it all comes. I hope I get well enough to enjoy all the champange we bought. And that I can taste the great dinner. I just must get well, so I drink tea, water, Kan-Jang, echuinqa forte, lost of vitamine C, and hope for miracles. Meanwhile, I have finished the front on the Lotus Blossom tank, and are making good progress on the back. What a great pattern. I was just focussing on the lace, and missed the clever shoulders. (IK Knits summer 2006). Surprisingly fun pattern. Kudos to Shoji for making it. I have decided only salt water and a long vacation can cure this cold in the deap. Instead we are going to wrip the kitchen to renovation mode. That is LONG overdue. Both will make be (sorry, me) healthy. Well. So you know any house cures that clear sinusis, make a hurting cough better? (sorry, I do not drink Whiskey).. If I go to a doctor, I would only get pills, and then - forget champange! Hmm. Think healthy. Eat healthy. Sleep. I would love to sleep. Im sure you did not notice the "knot" in the front of my Good night quick knit sweater (maybe quick knot?) But I know it is there. So on Monday. Dear brother, dear mother will come. I must get well, so they do not get sick! Mom and I always seem to share flues. Then Tuesday it is. The big day. How fun. Maybe Lotus Blossom tank is ready? (with 20 thick sweaters on top....;-) Then the other half to reach my PhD will be a much healthier journey. Much more knitting and relaxing (and exercise). Must learn how to knit and walk, as they did in the old days. Again take care, and avoid Matrix invasions ;-) Pattern in black and white is a traditional Halland pattern in grey and black instead of blue and read. Great for the machine knitting.


Zoe's Knitting Bag said...

You poor thing, Sigrid. I hope you get well soon to enjoy the champagne. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and happy and healthy Christmas. Love the necklaces.

Did you see the black scarf I made with the swap Alpaca that you sent me? It's on the entry for 23 October 2007. I wear it most days to work as it's so warm and yet light and goes well with "office" clothes.

Garngamen said...

Thanks for your well wishes!
I agree, You scarf looks fantastic. And the Photo!
A class of its own.

gail said...

I hope you feel better soon! My sister, a physician recommends the non-medicinal "neti pot" for sinus infections and stuffed up heads--this is a little pot with a long snout. You fill it with warm salt water and turn your head to the side and upside down above the sink. Pour in the water without drowning yourself. Do this three times a day. It doesn't sound like fun, but it is supposed to work! The sweedish traditional pattern you showed is lovely. I have planned to make it make it into something someday.

Milly said...

Oh I do hope you are feeling better soon!

Mary, Mary... said...

Get well soon--you'll need your strength for the holidays and kitchen remodel...and more knitting!

HPNY Knits said...

you are working too hard! you need rest!
get well soon!!!