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Monday, December 03, 2007

Goodnight Sweater in progress and more!

So my litentiate thesis are almost ready for printing, just the ISBN number... It is amazing. Anyhow, I have finished the sleeves, and now I have started on the body. Two nights and two balls of yarn. Amazing. That is why I called it "Good Night Sweater" One ball of Colinette Point Five, and I sleep like a baby. But, you might wonder WHY? What happened to the Bohus Wildapple... It had a temporary move to the yarn-room, and I just wanted to AGAIN get a quick knit done. Get rid of "bulky yarn" to create space in my yarn-room. This is Colinette Point 5, and knitting a sweater is on 15 mm needles. Fast as a wind. Picture with flash (big) small withour flash! Anyhow, should have something ready maybe to the weekend? Anyhow, it is just plain and simple, mindless - ZEN knitting. Anyhow, I just discovered TWO "christmas calender knits". One within Sticka, assuming some yarn (Alaska) which I do not have, and Im not sure I have Yabba is similar..., instead of needle and yarn from stash... And only for members....The second one is the very creative Johanna that blogs every day (already on day 3...) but free - AND in english. This one is great! This totally ruins any hope of soft cuddly presents for christmas. Sigh!

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Milly said...

oh it looks soooo soft!