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Saturday, February 14, 2009

FO- Jaeger Aran Tweed Cabled Sweater

In 2007 the wonderful Cabled sweater looked like this west. You can easily see how the "simple cables" moved into some more advanced to form a great V-neck. It has been waiting since 2004 when the body was knitted - twice. NOW it is finally a FO. After only a week (!) of intense knitting - two sleeves got done - and I have now a new favourite in my closet. I just had a small cable - like the bottom part, running down the sleeve. (Unfortunately the picture really does not show it as well.) But I have a bad cold so Im not taking any pictures this weekend. Now, I have done the bottom part once - so I have an extra "body". It was way too tight. Im thankful for this sweater, since it taught me a valuable lesson - cables do definitely mess up the gauge. And this was very much "contracting". anyhow. Im soo pleased with this invention. Not only did I explore cables. I also got a great size and fit sweater in a favourite yarn Jaeger Aran Tweed. Yummy yarn. Strongly recommended. Heavy - fat and a great quality. It has already been test-used ... In Athlone- Ireland where I was this week with work. It is warm. REALLY warm. But feels good. And no pilling. Great. Just great. It is perfect when it is drafty and chilly. Yes I know.. I should dedicate this post to Mary who nominated me for this blog award. I mean - Im not sure about chain-letters. Im a "dead end".. But I must admit Im flattered of Mary's kind words. Hard contemplating what are my fav 6 blogs? Being such a surfer that is almost impossible - but some I check more regulrarly, that is for sure.. Having "return capabilities" being interesting and new - and gives a hint of what is in: I guess, HPNYKnits will cause a loop, but she and Mary are definitely on my top. Then Im such a fan of Marina and her goals. She is the expert I awe.If there is a Knitting nobel prize Marina is a candidate. If anyone wants to keep up with the Swedish happenings and trends- my near neighbour in Älvsjö Maria's blog has quickly become the in place to be. Familiar faces, colours, and lots of new stuff. Then I must admit Im a always paying tribute to my friends: Zoë, Milly, Heidi, Gail, Barbro, Marianne, BertandFelix, Helen, Anna, Agneta, Johanna, Eva and ....you get the point? I cannot even count to 6 and I SURE have forgotten many dear and great bloggers I do check out over and over. Im pushing myself to blogg every weekend, and Im deeply worried to become "boring" here so I try to stay focused... but you really do find me in Ravelry. The "home-page" there gives a great overview of FO's. If you are a knitter, there is no better place to be. And I know it is Valentines day. Sue - I would say my dearest knitter pen-pal friend - WITHOUT a blog - I wish you - the knitting world (including all above and all not mentioned) -my dearest hubby, friends, other blogpals, ravelry addicters and family (and the occasional work stalker ;-) - many lovely feelings and happy thoughts. If you cannot forgive and forget, get in touch with love. Hugs... and PS. I have NO trouble to knit up Plötulopi...Cakes are a piece of cake!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Knitting thoughts...and yarn...

Cashmere from Paris. The luxury of luxury. This is "the only" thing I spend money on when there, no expensive handbags, or couture clothes, no- couture yarn! That is what my hearts desire (and some choclate too ;-) There is one problem with this fab yarn though. What to do. Im collecting for a wonderful Sweater. "The collection" sweater. Knitting from the yarnshrine is difficult. I had Pashmina - from Lana Grossa (Also cashmere-merino mix) in plain white out for "getting ready to go". 10 great balls. But I have not found the right match between pattern and yarn yet, so after a few weeks and 100ds of patterns browsed, It is now back in its box on the shelf. Knitting is really demanding. My friend Halla mailed me and told me the books from Island had come, so I had to make a visit yesterday. And - Of course I thought of my friend Sue - "who likes beige".... I have hardly any beige at all.I mean - look at this Plötulopi cakes. This is some of the current "left-over". After browsing in all the wonderful new Istex Lopi pattern-books (also the new book Einband - who had great lace shawls patterns...) I have decided that the very busy "fair-ilse" inspired Saga pattern will be when Im all done with the main sweaters - and then digging in the left-overs ;-) Well, I hoped I would be "a good girl" showing not one - but "two" finished items. But, one have still one more hour to knit (and the week-end photo-light is gone anyway) and the second, well, I need to add pockets, add more on both sleeve-length and neck. And also.. have a good wash and streatch. Maybe next weekend? Hugs out there. Enjoy life. Im. PS: Reserach is going fab!