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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bohus Progress and ART

The Backside says it all. Knitting Bohus is a demaning task. Great, but demanding. I love it!
Now the collar is done. Up to 4 colours in the row. It is great, but now I have to wind another ball of the base colour. We had a great sunday. Going to the very Jugend (Art Noveaux) "Centralbadet" and did a good swim, some steam sauna, and wow, you feel tired and fresh. I sent of the latest version of my thesis, and after the usual home duties, washing, cleaning, eating...I look forward to knit until I drop. Mom loved the two bags of yarn I donated to her knitting group in Dalarna. Anyhow, mom-in-law have been heroic and knitted one teen-age sweater for the Latvian kids. Mom says it is beautiful. I have no doubt. Hope I can get a picture. Anyhow, I just have to brag about the great fantastic picture I got from my brother, the fantastic artist Johan Mauritzson. Look at it. It is like he knew I was knitting a wildapple. They match. I do not want to spoil all the Bohus fun, but I have of course some other great pic's coming. This is eye-candy for this week. Next week Im going to Budapest (and missing a Baptism).. always interesting. And celebrating the new year in New York? When does the after christmas sale start? Or do not US have them? Hmm... anyhow, around 2 of January..OOpps....Now it is BOND, James BOND on Telly. Solong...Have a great knitting week.

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Mary, Mary said...

Only a knitter working on a Bohus would see the similarities between the back side of their work and an exquisite painting--I love it. Both are truly exquisite.