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Friday, August 14, 2009

Temporary setback..

I could celebrate, the Solveig Hisdahl Camisole from Poetry of Stitches, was a fun knit (you saw a glimpse from some places it ws done....but honestly, it is wrong, wrong, so wrong (Quote Perry Cox, Scrubs). I was so smart in this side by side project, and added a few rows here and there, because unfortunately, as many fashion geniouses, she believes the largest size is Medium in this pattern. So, all cup cake bakers like me sob. But, hey how hard can it be? Then - when almost around, I realized this wonderful hand-dyed yarn from solsilke (wool and thussa-silk) was still plenty around. I had to make sleeves. Not a problem. The genious Hisdahl just have you turn the page, for "almost the same pattern" with sleeves. Well, you realize that you have not knitted the NECK as you should, and you do not want to frog. So, Im make the shoulderbands just a little wider (to compensate for that extra ease. And of course, I realize that the camisole is surprisingly short... Well, gauge.. Sigh....so I make the shouldbands just a little longer. It is still short, and unpropotional. Ok, now comes the worst bit. It is TOO WIDE! no, not in the waist, That is where it is perfect, but being short and the mid front and back is "hanging" when I wear it. So, I think -pull a thread through, so it does not ease, as garter do. Of course ,I have already crochet the little edge all around, which took an entire evening, so of course, ripping it out to make a closer neck will now really hurt. I know it will need to be done, when the I just let go, since now it will really be too chilly. Now, I have started to work on the sleeves. I hope they fit. I have a creepy feeling they will be too small.... Hmm, lots of compensation work here. But lovely soft it is. So, what thas a yarnie/knitter like me do? Grasp a quick and rewarding project awaiting for this failure to sinks in (no, just a summers worth of knitting...hey, who am I to complain?) So, I think my Ice-cream top needed a Panty to go along with the rest of the yarn (yeah, a LOT of small ends) Basically a few evenings knit. Follow pattern, largest size, slavishly, and when I try it on, it does not even cover my lovely behind. Oh dear, what a disappointment. More re-work. I can rip/frog out the waist-band (that fits) and continue on the back, sigh.. Im sure this happens to all knitters - who do not swatch...! but Im sure many do not tell about them on their blog ;-) Well, I can only tell you, who actually READs all this a great advise. Run to the store and pick up the latest number of the swedish magazine "Hemslöjden". It is filled with knitting treasures from the swedish heritage, and a lot of my guru Britt-Marie Christoffersson! So what do I do? Lusts again, and of course pick up yet another needle (I do have many) and pick up some sale cotton from stash, to make the new and correctly fantastic camisole in a better version. Now, when I know how the pattern is REALLY going to be. I plan it for my Greek week vacation with the larger family. Yarn colour is is how I see the mediterian sea in my mind. Even if it is all Italian yarn cottone... well, let it rest and back to sleeves.