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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Braid-pictures, and a Mitten Exhibition

Accepted to the Nordic Knitting Blog ring - Great! You new visitors/surfers coming here must excuse my broken English.. and occasional Swedish. Hope you will link me up to your favorites ;-) And PLEEEEAZE comment ! I love feedback!

What do you like my BRAID from Rowan 32, that is of course reworked in XXL, (do they not have well built women in UK? or are the designers too lazy to work the pattern out??), and not in the CHUNKY but ARAN yarn. Reknitted three times, and I'm still not happy with collar, that I plan to reknit. But I have already used it many times... but, avoided the pressing because of this (I "pilot test" it before it is really washed up and pressed, hmm. probably a reason for my assembly not being great).. Here in the snowy balcony! And close- ups!

And, went over the weekend to a visit to my Mum in Rälta, Dalarna, and we went to Leksands Hemslöjden (neither Sätergläntan, Jobs or Wåhlstedts yarn were open, sigh). And they have a Mitten competition and exhibition. Interesting collection of two-end knitted mittens in their drawers. Anyway, It still hangs there, so.... But the exhibition was very traditionally knitted, with only a few creative and new designs. Interesting that the winner was a Håndplagg imitation...
Well, many well-knitted mittens - and many two-end knitted mittens in this mekka of two-end mittens. And, what shocked me the most was that you could actually BUY traditional two-end knitted mittens in pure white with a red brim for less than 100 dollars (695 SEK!) wow, that is cheap for this hard work.
My final picture is the progress on my Bohus knitted. The flash didn't light it up enough, but you might figure out something is going on there....My dearest poses for the picture. Wow, just the name, Skogsmörkret - Forest Darkness...Angora-Merino. Yummy