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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cut and sew - salvage 3 month work

There is wide and wide... I did XL men's size. But wise from years of knitting Rowan patterns, I know this would be narrow - and end up like a normal Large for men. I am very lucky. I knit almost always at gauge. I mean. If I just pick the recommended needles - I always end up exactly the gauge. You could call me a "normal" knitter. I never swatch because of this. Horror and chock: No wonder I have spent months on this pattern. I did it circular instead of back and forth (crazy English knitters ;-))But this old Kaffe Fassett pattern had no gague measurements for a swatch. So, I just did as usual... And the trial knitter (since Kaffe rarely knits his own patterns more than once) they must have been some supertight knitter. I ended up with 40 cm to wide. Nope, not kidding. I knew it sort of half way, but then played with the thought to felt it. A dead give-away would have been that I managed 2 mostly 3 rows before bed-time... so on row 167 (of the 207 required) for the body according to pattern.. I said ENOUGH! I must salvage this knit. And I am not doing another row. Luckily hubby had handed over his favourite sweater for fixing (elbow tear), so I measured based on it, and - yepp - I could easily fit it into the body as is. And get the sleeves in as well (heck 20 cm wide sleeves just needs a "dimond", right?) Measurements and a scissor... Here we go. (Of course taking curage in the american blueberry and pecan panncakes, hubby made us for breakfast)... The most scary thing I have done for a long time. Cut up a knit. Deep breath!
For awhile there, I thought I would get the sleeves out too (and no knit), but that was a bit much to ask. I of course now regret cutting into both sides. I could easily have just got one sleeve, and knitted on - by only using one side to cut it up. Well, I did measure and thought about it for some time, and it actually looked like it would work. I guess it must have stretched from the weight or something, since you can see on the picture BELOW (sleeves) that I actually have about 5-8 cm difference in the cut. Weird. It was really good measured. But I guess this is not my strength. Anyhow, the pictures are as follows. The first cut of the double folded (that is why pattern seems weird). Having paper under avoids cutting the floatations on the other side. Once cut up, it is basically zig-zag and sew sides together (see second picture). And the third is my "start" for the sleeves. Now, it is actually the side-seam (of the body pattern) that does not match. But I realize that I need to do "another" knit for this. Tight sleeves are NOT popular. Of course I am hopelessly stuck on "should I make these the "back" of the sleeve or the front? Or should I have a seam running in the middle (shoulder down)? That will sure look weird. Not to mention the horror of finding the pattern match. As nerdy as I am, I am always up for a challenge. Only thing is, that I for a moment thought I would be able to finish the sweater today. But still, it is MUCH less work than it would have been, if I had continued with the pattern. So, I think I did the cardinal mistake though, I think I forgot to give ease for the seems. And horror... If it is too tight now, I must actually cut it again, and provide side-seems. Poor Hubby. I thought this would be done by Christmas..... last year. Oh no.. It is definitely MUCH work in doing stranded. But I somehow LOVE the idea. It WILL be great. Not as perfect as I would like, but great. Stay positive. That was 2012 mission. Work hard and stay positive. By the way - it finally snowed. That is nice!