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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reflection 2009 - and Opal-rush started!

Vouge Fall issue calls this "gold-rush", but more as one hommage 2009 to our fantastic vacation to Australia, the colourscheme really asks for an "Opal-rush" (which is really a cropped jacket). One strand of Plötulopi, one strand of Färgkraft (Tulpan (tulip) at bottom, then swapped to Pion (peony)), and the one strand of Forsell superthin 3-ply merino. A great mix, that has thouse wonderful colours of an Opal. What a wonderful quick knit, with the "bell-shape". Also funny is the colour difference in the photo. Same sweater. In SNOW, with and without flash. It feels a bit delicate but I'm sure it will work out. It is cold and snowing (again). Yet another "jacket" /cardigan started. I think was fitting for starting a chronicle of 2009. I have started so many items, but also, I have finished some too. Of course Windfell is also progressing. Im half-way on both sleeves, and done the "bottom-part" of the body, but Im worried (as always?) if there is enough yarn. This has definitely been the "theme" of 2009. Starting projects without knowing it will be enough. But I have done some calculations.

I think I have knitted more than a Swedish mil and a half (16,3 km) this year (!) producing 13 sweaters/cardigans (full sized) and 3 pairs of socks, 2 blouse-bunny holders, two hats. and one entire kit for a baby (2 hats, one dress/pants, 2 sweaters, one pair of sock). Time for the yearly list of reflection:

  1. Best (summer) knitting project 2009 in garngamen design: The "indie-top".. I love it... it is cheerful and fits great!

  2. Best (warm) knitting project 2009 in garngamen design: The Jaeger cable sweater. Wonderful yarn, wonderful warm, perfect for work, and great fit.

  3. Greatest yarn to knit with 2009:The wonderful Naturally Karamea: A Possum merino wool blend. Again a garngamen design, and a close tie of the second spot, but looses it, becaus it is not as figure flattering as 2. But ohboy, how warm and soft that is. Yummy. Also - the fond memory of having this knit as my main knit during Australia, and the fun visit to my relatives in Norway. The buttons were just perfect (from Paris!)

  4. Most knitted yarn of 2009: Definitely the lovely Plötulopi (förgarn) from Alafoss Istex - any my dear friend Halla. You bundle three strands to make one - and both then you are not supposed to carry more than 3 yarn-threads at one time in the pattern, but both of these had 4. Anyhow, this wonderful fast knitted yarn resulted in 3 wonderful sweaters.. where I do feel my dear brother poses fantastically in one... and I know it is also warming my dear friend across the world.

  5. Maybe I should mention the one item that got "most hearted" in Ravelry of all 2009 items. The "viewers choice" is the swimmingpool top - really Angela Hahn's Leaf top Yoke -where I added sleeves (and an extra leaf boarder on the bottom). This does not win my summer top because of fit, and - after some wear - it has "hanged" out. Maybe I do need to knit that brim on the collar... and it is a bit long. Almost like a dress... Hmm.. But hmm honestly - it was made in paradise - Langkawi in Malaysia.

  6. Most cherished knitting book: Must be the new Britt-Marie Christofferson book "Stickning - ett hantverk att utveckla".. and from the english speaking pile: I love "French Girls Knit", but the golden "oldies" - Starmore, Hisdahl, Norah G, Debbie Newton.. well you know I cannot choose.

  7. Best Knitting magazine - I love the new UK "The Knitter", though many patterns are just copies from books I already have.., but it does still not compete with Interweave Knits and Vouge (or Designer) Knitting, that always are fresh, contemporary and has great stuff. Unfortunately both Knitscene and Knit1, or Knitters, are hard to get here. Glad to see Verena though, but I do not really fall for their patterns.

  8. Best yarnshopping 2009 (world-wide ranking): My stash!! I have been a good girl this year and not indulged too much.

  9. 2009 Yarnshop city ranking: 1. Stockholm (even if favved Nysta and Warp & Weft both went off-shop to on-line). 2. London and Copenhagen (tie) and 3. Vienna (Wien). Worst: Sofia - Bulgaria! (Sorry Kuala Lumpur was exotic, but not for the yarn - more for patterns!)

  10. Best pattern: I guess I count St Brigid here! It is still not super-finished, otherwise I'm sure it would nock all items off the list (and since I have not USED it 2009) I cannot really tell if it survive the long run, but it was sure a great and fun knit. And the yarn is just fab... Wåhlstedts "Vålberg" yarn. Yummy handcoloured from a great spinnery.

With this little 10 top list I wish you all a wonderful "Happy New Knitting Year of 2010" - with many wonderful things on the needles. I have already signed up for StickaMera SockKlubb 2010, and also the IntSweMoDo in Ravelry which will definitely have me focused on knitting another 12 sweaters. Otherwise - 2010 will truely be a fantastic year for me. Since I plan to finish my PhD this year, so if nothing bad happens - lets hold our thumbs for a wonderful, fun and happy year - and remember 2009 as learning and challenging as it was - but with wonderful sparks of bliss - and filled with hope. Lets open the champange and toast for us all (I'm just going to knit some first....). And again dear readers - thank you for all your wonderfully warm and encouraging comments. It is so nice to know you are out there: Gott nytt år!