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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Julia update, 1 UFO done and some spinning

This is how dearest Julia looks today. The little red is holder fo the neck stiches. I have just started with the sleeves. This I'm doing with a pattern. And, great advice coming to start with sleeves just do not work for me. When I see the result I get happy. I'm actually fond of this Rowan Summer Classic Garden 11 pattern Julia in Cashcotton 4ply. It is soft, lace and has the right colour for a use all fall. Looks like a little too open neck, (yes, I DID follow the pattern, almost).Of course I had to add size, since all Rowan sizes are for Twiggy models and ends at L or XL. This is XXXL, hoping to fit me. Also, I did remake it into circular (have I not told you this before?) But my great new job in Linköping (and Kista) but same company will definitely give me 1-2 hours knitting on the train.
So, sorry Linköping knitters, going on a saturday on a train excursion to knit has too much work-flair to me. Even if the company would be great. Second summer progress is doing the sleeves (YES, THEY ARE TOO BIG) but I refuse to frog them. The pattern is all my own, and it is done in Garnstudio's yarn Muscat (mercisised cotton). It is very comfortable. I just do not feel finished with them. I wanted to do an Icord in dark purple to finish neck, sleeves and bottom (no it is just rolling). But somehow It didn't look ok, and I might do that next summer. Now it is in use. And heavy like my MC-tires (ok, car-tires!). But that is a result of sitting to much on my butt, and my hubbies excellent cooking. He have promised to lay of with the coconut-cream wooks (green curry), which are fantastic but builds. On the other hand. I use a lot of yarn ;-) But sweater takes a long time to make compared to those small medium persons, I really envy. Yes, I know I can do something about it. I do not envy them enough,and knitting is FUN! But, Now I will show my spinning progress. And I know this is not the "best even spun yarn". But, I have been experimenting of making it, with different tensions, different ways. So, from the left is "spun directly uncarded, unwashed from raw fleece" (Swe: spinna från tott). Second is spun from Fardhem (swe: Kardflor") carded sheet of wonderfully soft Gotlands pels sheep. I experimented trying to make it in the same thickness as SORK (which was not easy) but it is very soft spun, ok most of it. I realized I do not have SORK yarn enough to a sweater, so I better spin in myself ;-) The third brown-white (also in close-up) is shetland (brown) and swedish (white) wool done on my handspindle, and is only one threaded. It will be a shawl. (Here you see my skills by hand is far beyond the Elizabeth Ashford wheel, which feels a bit wobbly. Need to check it with Gudrun - my specialist and trainer ;-) The far right is just shetland on the wheel 2-twined. I was actually quite happy with that since it is a start of my "falling leaves tree- coat." I think it is a bit dry, but easy to spin, but I might try and spray it a bit with water and oil. On this loarge picture you see the softspun and 2- twined gotland hank (that I actually did today) in comparision. Very rewarding. It just did itself. I had a plan to spin up all I have got rather quickly. So nothing lies and get bad... that would be a disaster. But Sleeves are on the agenda. I have some more that is waiting for that. But first I'm hard working Julia to the end. I'm surprised by myself. I really want something completed for a change. Maybe because I need something to wear at my new job. Take care dearest friends out there.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Catherine Parr, SORK and knitconfusion

How nice you all are, I just cannot believe all nice things people tell me on comments. That is encouraging. Anyhow, Here are some raku items I have done in the past. Two tea-pots in the left. What have I been upto? Working, sleeping. And spinning, and really worked through and twined a hank. I have also frogged Catherine Parr with shetland yarn. I just felt the yarn and the needlesize just didn't fit.Went into stash and are now swatching again, a swedish green woolyarn (Kilafors?, or is it Kempe?) well, It is not a super quality yarn, ordinary, ok, nothing wrong with it, even and 1.2kg. But Alice S is really knitting tight. Back to understand the yarn in a swatch - and Im NOT into swatches! And I found, my Gotland Fardhem yarn SORK, which is a thick, very loose spun yarn, on 5mm needles, different grey, that I just had to start (directly from the hank.. yes, it was late, I will do it!)
But what a nice knit. Then I spotted the candy mix of coloured fleece from wåhlstedts, and really thought how to "spiff" it up. I just love to start a sweater, and then design along you knit. You feel what the yarn wants to do with you. But, now I'm in knit confusion. I have too many ongoings, and 4(!) are now waiting for sleeves. It is about time to have a sleeve fall. Or many wests. I will take some pictures on the summers knitprojects this weekend. I must. Here is a reminder of Julia before summer. Ahh, must comment on Swedish Telly, we have Miss Marple (Agatha Christie) that runs on our CH4 from BBC. And it is so great, because this version is just filled with knitting, and nice knits. Great! More knitting and knitted artifacts on TV.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sailing and knitting

Sailing cleanses the soul. When I just thought summer was by, my lovely and I went to the boat. It was raining. But we were packed. Waiting for it to clear up, thunder and a great meal at Bullandö Krog, we went out for two fantastic nights in the archepelago, with sunshine, stars and full moon, and magical warm swims in the evening. Julia on the knitting needels, and now I'm starting in the neck so it is soon "just" the sleeves left. Well, I got stung by a whasp (actually, I squeezed the poor thing between my arm and torso). And I slept like I have never slept before. The astma disappear, and we had great food. A Dajm-ice cream at Möja. This morning leaving Säck we got a new record speed on 7.15 knots, on our little Alice, and we had not all sails out. Tomorrow starts the serious business, so I guess the summer "frenzy" of publishing knitting trips will be different. But who knows? I have not yet taken any pictures of all my knitting progress this summer. Actually I really got into spinning again. Ahh, what a Caffe Latte can do! Take care out there, and be nice to each other (and me ;-)