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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

FO Birch Shawl for Viola, and spring blossoms

Birch. A lace shawl. pattern by Sharon Miller, yarn Rowan Kid Silk Haze 3.2 balls (ca 800 m). A great knit, and my second in this pattern, since I wanted something really easy - and the fact that my dear aunt Viola wanted one like this, in dark blue. The Lilacs are flowering. The entire garden is exploding. It is so beautiful outside, but surprisingly chilly. Frost last night. So, I took my camera around and just clicked. These dark bearded iris reminds me of my visit to Fresno, where I stayed as an exchange student with the famous Irish grower John Weiler. Such a fantastic man. With many prized blossoms, and fields of experimental iris breeding, he was not only chasing the "black" colour, but also many flowers on one stem, and long blooming. .Even if I bought the Rheingold kit from VY (see last posting), my friend N. came by and we are both convinced. The colourkit sent is definitely not the same colourscheme as the picture in the pattern sent with it (which is much brighter). I would have love a brighter hue. So Im getting desperate. Again, my coloursense is challenged to find the original. Appleblossoms cannot really be pictures, but it is overwhealming. Im just so stunned, also with the Peony which we call Dillpeony (you know, like the herb Dill) because of the leafs. This is a simple, and I also have a double, that I got from a dear friend, since the one I bought died. Sigh. It just need a bit more warmth in the air, to get into the weeding. But we just signed for two-bathroom/wc renovation, so we are pretty busy chasing appliances. And of course, my big plan is to make the tiles in at least one of the rooms. Well. It sounds like a plan. It is a lot of hard work. Well, Im into the socks now. Take care out there and comments are always welcome. hugs!