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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Weird it is.. More yarn to the collection

After a BIG fight with blogger (where I thought I would loose - meaning, not post anything) I hope (if that happens) that you will locate me). It is a warning message! (Im sure to figure it out). Anyhow, weird it is. And Im slowly (I mean slowly) even if there is occasional intense knitting, working on Queen Catherine. So Front is finished, and I just started on the back (sleeve-holes and up). It will be big. no infact HUGE. I think I will look ridiculus in it. And, I just have calculated I would have been done now, if I did fitting me. But I will not rip it up. Who knows, I might have a huge friend somewhere (Pun intended!) And I just reknit it (ha).
Im rather stressed. Abstract due today, and paper due next week for research. I have a bad cold, nose is clogged up (again). Even my new yarn is freezing in the snow ;-) I so like it. This is from the Warp and Wäft visit. It is so spring. Still winter. Real winter. Anyhow, I got to be a member of the Yarn Collectors (Thanks). So I must show you some more of what is in the bag.
This is Silla and Villa.Great for fine knits, like wrist warmers (also WW). I just bought a "few hanks" of each type of yarn. To check it out. I luve planning next project. I have been thinking about Poetry oif stiches in new colours and with yarn from stash.... But It is interesting. I do not really want to decide, because when I do, I want to knit it immediately, and I feel I have committed to finish the queen, and finish two more UFOs (at least).