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Monday, October 10, 2005

Knitting, oh, knitting!

The weather is so nice here in Sweden. I just enjoy my favorite colours of the tree outside my window. It smells so great. Fresh! Actually, it is my neighbourgs tree, but so what. So back to reality. It just feels so nice and easy. But Im getting desperatly tired. And the blogprogram messes with my pictures. I should help them test it....;-)
Being at my "pony"-friends 40 years birthday beautiful party last night, and today meeting my knitting friends "Sticklingarna" at Nordiska Museet. It was at the same time a chocolate-fair, what a combination! My head hurts. I get confused, does everyone post unserious commersials as comments to my blog?Stop that!
So, I thought I will show you some of my stash, have not emergy to figure out how to turn my picture, so turn your head ;-) First is my "summer Rowan" flipouts bought at Liberty SALE in London, but also from www.colourways.uk sale, which are great! There are also some Yll och Tyll sale. (the green in front). Blue is Calmer (planned for my special mix of Gemma from Rowan with zip-front!)

Baby-Alpacka Silk from Du Store Alpakka, a wonderful yarn, that got crazy expensive when moving it from Norway to Sweden. Next time I fly there and get it! Here are many unplanned soft things to wear. Thinking of fixing a special summertop a luxury pair of shorts of them...

At the same time I have one old sweater to show. My first pattern ever cardigan (from Garnstudio), yarn Silke-Tweed bought at Yll and Tyll 1997. (Yes, I have reversed colours in lack of the yarn at that time, and also, I have knitted a LONG TIME before 1998.......I just have made my own pattern.) . For me, this cardi is all about returning from Oz, Stuck in a secondhand rented flat in Rågsved. So, yes, I added (I'm wide) some extra, and it is a bit too big. But, it is very nice and cosy. Really think that the Garnstudio Silke-Tweed matches Rowan summer-tweed!
Another problem with this is that the arms have twisted when I stiched them up.... not obvious, since I really got help blocking it. So I wonder if the yarn actually was really twisted. But nice I say. Back to knitting...