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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Spinning, sockknitting...

Hi there! Sorry for being away, I did try to blog last weekend, but it all crasched on me. Working to much ;-) I actually picked up the spinning wheel and spun the last yarn, that quickly knitted the rest of the socks. I wear them, they are soft and comfortable. Of course all inspired by Interweave "Spin-off" magazine, who had a sock number. So, no, Im not resigning anything. Im a fighter. I worked on my paper until 2 in the morning every day. Anyhow, my birthday was nice, Hubby did breakfast so early, since I was off on the train to Linköping. An my collegues actually put a light in the choclate cake for me on the team evening dinner. Then, after all this wine, I still worked at my paper until 2. So, no wonder that two days later (wednesday) I was sick.. But a week in the hotel, speaking publicly so many times I forgot.... I cancelled the 25 year jubilee with my Masters University place. Rather depressing. That could have been fun. Anyhow, Im now pounding on "the next" science paper. Working like a dog. Work myself into a success. Anhow, Im tagged (Thank you dear Purl happenings) about 7 truths about me. Hmm. Easy!

  1. I have a cold right now!
  2. Im in love with nature - what a gift of comfort! A stroll in the garden. Treehugger!
  3. Im amazed with fiber can produce a wonderful warm piece of art to wear!
  4. I got to go to New Zealand and visit Hobbiton... Im such a Tolkien fan.
  5. Im a traveller because I love coming home. But I do not like to travel alone. I wish Hubby was around always.
  6. Im so on love with my Husband, and I find it hilarious he shares his first name with Dr. Cox in Scrubs (that we always watch as re-runs on saturday mornings) (who he is not at all alike, much more J.D) ok- truth - I watch way to much TV since I work and knit in front of it. Couch potato.
  7. I coughed so bad last nite I kept him up, and now I want his very special Caffe Latte with cinnamon and cardemum on the top, why can he not wake up?

Sorry for being SUCH a boring blogger. I hope to get some good new pictures on the Bohus Wildapple. I actually knitted on some centimiters. But it is like great choclate. I want to gulp it down, but it taste better in small pieces over time.