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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Confessions in 2005 year chronical - I did it my way!

Great idea from my supporting friends at Sticklistan. Adjusting it a bit of course

1. Most fun knitted project 2005 ?
Birch Shawl. It is great and psychological, You start on the wide of the triangular, and than diminish until you run out of yarn, and need urgently to find a yarnshop to do it. When it is starting to feel boring, you are almost done. And also, supersimple lace, looking fabulas. Done in Kid Silk Haze (think there is a picture if you scroll down) minty.

2. Most unfun knitted project 2005?
None is, but frogging my Rowan Braid 3 times to get accurate size and getting it to fit...(since I did not knit in Chunky but Aran, and I' too big size to any of Rowans patterns....) (Result great)

3. Greatest 2005 Yarn experience?
They are too many, but the recent Eustasia 25% final sale (going out of business) wasn't bad, the arrival of the new Gotland yarn loosely spun, and seeing it handcoloured in lime... or was it finding out that My idol BMC is using Tuna yarn, I just have heard "filtgarn" from her. Or the handcoloured yarn from Ann-torps väv in silk. Or maybe freakout at Husfliden in Oslo and Strikkedilla. Or the great Du store Alpakka (the latter who still ows us money for the Norweigan taxes.. Grrr), but the yarn is innocent to that.

4. Worst yarn experience?
So, I guess worst goes to ordering yarn from DU Store Alpakka. Only sending us half the package, and many turns later... sigh. Making us pay BOTH norweagan and swedish taxes....We have been fooled. Eat it. I will definitely chase them...

5. Greatest knitting books 2005
Teva Durham - Loop-D-Loop, Handpainted Country, and finally finding my antique Dandanell- Tvåändsstickat. Of course, the new pattern ideas from BMC from her new exhibition is worth GOLD.

6. Best pattern !!
Circular Knitted Sweater from Vouge Fall 2005, is excellent and fun for mixing yarn and looking interesting.. Fun to knit.

7. Worst pattern!!
The same (circular), it is not obvious that knit one increase one will result in three stitches. That is definitely TWO in my world.

8. Best fiber
Shetland fleece - so easy so far

9.Worst fiber
Merino, I still get it in clumps

10. Improvement this year
I have stopped going to every knittingcourse, and gotten back to my own core knitting - my own creations bring me more fun. And also, I have learned to enjoy other patterns. Expanding horizons. Also proud that have almost, but not really, recovered from yarnoholics. I have actually entered yarnstores without buying all I want (or buying nothing!)

11. Insights this year.
I'm quite lousy in embroidery. But please, never point that out to me (as some stuck up bitch did at the Estonian Nordic knitting symposium) - it truley hurts my feelings, since I'm rather ok with design and colours in general. Second big insight is, I survive frogging without loosing faith.

12. On the good path of self guidance
Finish what is already almost started. I think I have more UFO's than space ;-) And allow for switching between them. And I started blogging.

13. Bad path
I'm still buying more yarn than I can keep in mind, they are unorganised, since now I have no order at all, and I'm too lazy to update my computer list by my self. Some hording tendencies. I hope colours are not completely out of fashion when it is time for them. And my blog has not enough pictures. And the quality is not to my standard. I'm a great photographer (educated actually) that needs better glasses!

14. Wish for the rest of the year and beginning of next...
Finish Sweater during Christmas Holiday.
Have time to: Start a Latvian Mitten for the Kal (still has not decided what yarn!!!) and (forgive me) start my Islandic sweater for myslef, new from scratch. It is fast, and I decided last christmas that it was a great holiday knitting project. Finished within a week and some...
Oh... Hubby needs gloves (in islandic yarn) and I have not started....
and finally, fixing up the almost finished sweaters (that just a little adjustments).

15. Big projects for next year.
Do my specially designed coat. Yeah. Vouge Knitting Winter 2005 really got my old project feel totally new, after having ripped it all up. Get some closer knitting friends, and attend more knitgatherings.

Merry Christmas my friends
I hope Santa brings me a better camera....and some new software

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Stash Enrichment at a Closing Yarnstore...

It is soon christmas, and I just did my Swedish tradition - the one of the few left, julskinka (whole ham, boiled and then in the oven for a nice crust). As usual I missed sending all those postcard to all people that matter. But not many care these days. I just lost my edge. Rather depressing. Existential lonelyness. Writing my blog out in nowhere. I just invited my old aunt and uncle on Julbord, and she asked what I knitted, and I said exited that I worked on my bohus-sweater, and she remarked, didn't I do that last christmas? Oh no, what a disaster. I'm sure she didnt mean that in a bad way. Just factual. She finished her embroyderies, it is just fantastic. And at least one person I can give a good gift to.

Poor husband will never get his knitted bohus sweater. One arm almost done, and the other, half way.

And then - the entire body (well it is knitted from the top). On the other hand, I have been such a good girl all fall, that the 25% sell out at the knitting shop Eustasia in Sickla, was just too much for me. I just dived into handpainted green silk yarn, and 3 babyalpacka, and some chenille yarn, and do not forget the white silk yarn and well I'm sure some colinette tape yarn also made it. Totally lost..... Totally bliss. I really spend too much of my savings, but hey two full bags of yarn - that is just heaven. And I also bought dearest Nancy Bush Vintage sock, because here it is below freezing -6 C. Brrrr. COLD! And Andean Folkknits, really lovely book. And all those patterns....Wow!

And then I magically ran into Pia and her great daughter Frida, who will be the future of knitting and textile arts. She has really grown tall. Pia is a very nice knitting friend. Had lots of good info to tell. Well, we exchanged knitting bookes... and back to Eustasia (why is it that one bag of yarn isnever enough?) and I was on the lookout for Latvian yarn, and I just blew it. So I feel like it is time for a holiday, but first it is all those workprojects that just got TO BE READY. No, no, not work. Think about the ahhh... knitting is bliss, relaxing, no demands, just fun creative inspiring fun. Soft.. ahh.... Ohh.... nobody puts Baby in a corner....I'm telling you Patric Swayze.... Passion in our eyes... You are the one thing.... time of my life, I never felt this way before...I guess it is time to go into my stash again. Merry merry christmas to you. Cheer yourself up. Buy yarn.

Monday, December 12, 2005

From 26 in Lanzarote to Latvian Mittens

I just luuv getting away on a loong flight to the summerfeeling at Lanzarote. I knitted on my Bohus sweater all the way down, and at the pool, every german lady commented. One old very puckly women complained that making those 35 sweaters at a deadline some many years ago was the reason she looked like she did -"Humfback". Mental note, think how you sit with your back when you knit. As always, I have a white belly, having my knitting there all the time. Angora - merino does not stick in heat, but gets VERY hot - when it is black! So, Approaching the cuff, realising that I must have missed something - AARGH 4 days of knitting in the....... It was decrease, decrease. from row 10! How could I, Rip- rip och Maria G, I must say knitting with curly yarn is very annoying for me, I envy you. So I had a lot of vacation beer, Read Mr Potter (The goblet...) from cover to cover... and then back again. Knitting first arm, ok, starting on the second and on the plane and watching Hitch... bummer, realised I have...oh now. To dark to tired.... not really taken BOTH threads on the needle some way down. yikes...Easliy fixed with a crochet hook I didn't have. Ohh Home sweet home. And in the mail was: Latvian Mittens book from Schoolhousepress. Ahha what a treat. What a interesting but immensly openended book. The Knit a long is a great thing. No I just need to figure out what I should start with: Christmas present? My hubby is patient. He can get it next year (or I might go at it again....) Or should I finish the circular one? Hmm... Life in the knitting word is my most unorganized place. Well, I the mail, I also had to favorite books from my favorite knitting used dealer - Nordkalotten!! Dandanell - Tvåändsstickat (Two-end knitting) which has been on my hotlist for awhile (thank you again great Stickliste-friend) and Handskar och vantar. A rare old pice, really showing that knitting gloves sideways is no new art - but yet so wonderful.
No no, knitting is not about finishing pieces - even if this is occasionally wonderful. It is about enjoying the thinking, arts & design, yarn selection, pattern and doing swatches... ok, almost sweaters, mittens, etc... but still they are GIANT swatches. (okok, I will finish something sometime).

Monday, November 28, 2005

More Bohus Knitting - Skogsmörkret

So I digged in to my christmas present to my beloved. It is the Bohusknitting sweater Skogsmörkret "Forest darkness", an UFO that has been waiting to get picked up. It is black with a wonderful greenish blue. Beatuiful and like the soft touch of my dearest, the yarn is just wonderful to knit. It is of course from Solsilke (se link on the right). I have now digged into what I call the motorway knitting. That is I'm done with all the pattern, and have the body and arms downwards (you knit this from the top down). I have counted that it is about 8 full days of knittingleft to do, so when working, It might take quite some time.... but hopefully it will be done until Christmas. The picture is from Solveig's cardigan with same pattern.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Finished finally finished!!

No,no, not the circular knitted vouge. That is on reknitting! Not happy with the flappy. Rowan Braid (nr 32) is finished. Reknitted three times. It is great. Picture coming soon. Telemarksvott is finished knitted. But putting on that embroyderi, why do I choose the harderst one? It just doesn't work. I'm a knitter, for sure. But you will see the result. So I started Skogsmörkret for my beloved Per instead. Will take a long time to finish the mittens (=vott). Otherwise, I flipped out and bought ToveB's Jaeger Shetland Aran in light turquose. That will be for the Loop the loop sweater - riding jacket. Maybe. Aran it is.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Knitting exhibition from a world master

So, then I have visited one of the worlds greatest knitters, Britt-Marie Christoffersson, who has an exhibition at Länsmuseet in Halmstad, Sweden. And she is just amazing. Educated at Konstfack the Swedish Art School, one of the founder of the famous Swedish 10-group, she added industry experience to her textile art knowledge, but felt that knitting during the "last boom" in the 80's was her thing, she started to combine her skilles of colour, pattern, form and design into knitted garments. She did a thorough research going through all Swedish museums and painstakingly counted each stich, and documented patterns. Her first exhibition was uch a hit few parts of it became a classic, "Swedish sweaters". A book hard to find in the used market. This exhibition has been worked on for at least 5 years, and I was really one of the lucky ones having a chance to meet her through her last course at Handarbetets Vänner, where she tought for years. Some call her the "technical master", and she finds that amusing, since her view of techniques is something she pass, and rather use more "slow" method. So she handknits. The exhibition is a galore of coulour, ideas and patterns, and art looks bleak next to her creativity. Overwhelmingly beautiful, and one just admires how she takes the knitting tricks a bit further to make a neat design. The picture in the above left corner is taken from HALLANDSPOSTEN, and by Anders Andersson. So all credit is DUE. (Also linked from a bove).
She has themes, like "twisted yarn" that she starts with 2 and goes just further and further developing the colours and the strands until she ends up with a huge twisted "rope" of 6 strands. Also, the themes develop, "apron patterns", lifted stich (a set of 20 garments), weave images, (it is a whole set where she cleverly used that you can have several yarn, and reknit from the same side over and over... with "two-pointed knitsticks"..
and then comes embroydery, loops, circles and add on... it is just so great that her dragon sweater, her circle-top and her added triangular pattern attached, but still threedimensional on top in lusturing black is just amazing. It will tour around in Sweden but if any of you out there knittingfreaks would travel for inspiration - this is the place. Britt-Marie Christoffersson has taken the knitting further than anyone I have seen yet. And it is true, most people imitate her. She has tought a new breed of knitters. To apprechiate and enrich their life with the best there is knitting beauty.

What a master! So we had a knitting workshop. The local people did not realise that the master and the pupil was different. The new Hot shot Katarina Breiditis, who also went to Konstfack, and has designed for IKEA, and her DO-Redo thing, which I personally feel is just not my fashion, I'm getting over 40 ;-). KB was more of a local celebrity than BMC. So she got the paper - Hallandsposten... look at this article! Fun, but I knitted a face like this 3 years ago. Does not feel new to me. It is also published in her book "Lust att sticka" which is creative. I think people do not understand that this is Britt-Marie - the master. Katarina admits she is the pupil, and for that I credit her. Britt-Marie, she is so humle, low-key and generous with her knowledge. More pictures to come! But I save the best for Sticka! Especially from her ateljé. And my own knitting? I finished a lot of pieces! Great inspiration.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Yarnfest at Syfestivalen or confessions of a yarnoholic

So, I sneaked off to be early attender to the yarn.. no sewing festival (duh!) .But, It was already filled to the brim, and first people I met was Maria G in her wonderful 1st machineknitted sweater and cute hair, and Tanja in a great white knitted tight mohair sweater. Wow, they looked smashing. So, I indulged myself with Solsilkes new Bohusknitted "grå dimman" Grey mist! should have been green mist, since the grey was very greenish. It will be perfect for hubby. Had a long hard look at the red palm and sago palm but pink... I feel BLACK. So a bought a little yellow cortina complement for my lovelys machineknitted sweater- that are still on the needels (dark green).

Anyway. That was after doing another 400 g Villa (wool in finish) in three-twined yarn "Sysky" which means autumn (also in Finish). This from Svalan (Åland). So, now I have 800 grams - a sweater for hubby.
Looks very close to the Noroyarn I have in the sweater above.

And Nysta, what a display. Wonderful as ususal, but managed to hold on to my money again. And over to Britt, which with the volounteers, Helen and Karin made a pleasurable visit. Finally I bought my 3 Alfa yarn from Sandnes (a thick wool yarn), where I already have all greays and black... The Turquoise I now bought will be the dot over the I. At my second visit Marika (Stickigt) had just arrived, really going for the Candy Kid Silk Haze. Yummmm....

So, Ullomera had my yarn from Estonia (Great price, 45kr/hg which I bought in Tartu for 18kr/hg... on the otherhand, fansastic yarn, and Tartu is not a short trip ;-) "just to complement" my stash. It is what is used in the curcular garden...

And, finally, Naturgarn - which has a secret - not only great alpacka, but their white woolyarn 16/2 great for colouring. A wonderful quality. Their wool yarn is better than one can imagine.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

haha, 2 outta 3...

So, yesterday I spent the evening at Stockholms Länshemslöjd on Idungatan 6 who had a Knitcafe with the two ladies arranging: Kerstin (in black) and Pia (in striped). Very nice. We had a nice cosy meet the 5 of us. I missed Birgitta in the middle.. she lives a long bit off!) and as usual looking in a lot of interesting books and enjoying each others company. Of course this picture is NOT taken now, it is almost 1.3 years old, from the stickstämma in Grebbestad. Anyway, the second knitmeeting I succesed with this week was today! I just HAD to go to Nystas open evening in her new place, and it looks great. Congratulations. Unfortunately my turqoise mohair edging was still out of stock, but (last outer of the cicular cardigan from vouges fall front picture) so one whole ball of mohair is about 1 cm! (I confess, it is double the last two rows") So, the rows around are long. But, now I have started on the arms, with the goal to be finished in time for the trip to Stickstämman in Halland!!!..Hehe...(bag made by Pia!) VERY nice for knitted items.

I just have to go to the SYFESTIVAL 4-6 nov, - I would rename it GARNGAMENS GARNFROSSA. (Pigput of a vulture - in yarn= garn in Swedish!) . That is one place where I shop until I drop.... but this year will be very modest... I hope. Still trying to not by more yarn. I actually have a secret competition with Nysta ;-) When she has more yarn than me in her shop, I'm allowed to by more......;-) so acording to Yarnoholics confession, I'm not allowed to buy more until I done half of my stash. My stash are 15 fullsize boxes + several bags of started items.... But the best of today is my Unicorn friend Vicki, who GAVE (note!) me all her picked and dried mushrooms for dying yarn, and also lent me a book with great pictures. So - now, together with Anne-Maj's fantastic package - I will really get some wool coloured. I will keep you up to date. Well, Going to Karlskrona tomorrow. Work. And I have no flying knitting prepared. Hugs, the yarn vulture...

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Its Raining again - Percentage bars!

I'm missing my knitting friends. Today, Dominomaskan had a special Estonian lace shawl knitting with the professional knitting lady Triinu. When I paid for the course, I was sick the first time, and manage to write totally wrong dates in my calender for the others, so I missed the whole thing. What a disaster. Now I hope I could fix it anywy, but I guess I'm a bit "coursed out" for a while. No more new inspiration. I'm still knitting my Faroese shawls... Anyway, today was dressed to fix, the unfixed sailboat (last night I was standing in -5C trying to change oil, and fix motor for winter... with little success).. but after getting the new tool "take away oilfilters" my hubby and me gave up and said at least it is raining now. So now it is warmer - and the motor will not freeze today. Being late, still hoping to make a catch up at our local Älvsjö knitting-gang special with Triinu, and after a terrible runaround in 8! places after my unfinished lace shawl swatch, (where I never figured out how this particular "mouche" was to be knitted), I just couldn't find it. I gave up in front of Scrubs, saying - It is raining again. So, instead I had a great letter from - The FemiKnitMafia that gave me her percentage bars. Sat down, and blogged. It is going in the wrong direction, blogging in stead of knitting...but it is just so bad outside, the sofa is warm and cosy, and there is a secret hacker in me. Programming and knitting have all things alike. Anyway I'm definitely on the look for the hip percentage bar's that is shown like a sweater, sock, shawl etc, but I just cannot find them. (If you have a hint, tell me!) Maybe I should make my own gifs ... or not. It is at least a start of the list with at least 50 WIP'S ;-) BTW: Picture is a "blurred" Kihnu (Estonian) weave-bag in my favourite colours...

Monday, October 17, 2005

Slow, but still going strong!

My dearest readers. Sailboats are not easy to takeout of the water for winter. Not even a stitch, weekend - tired, cold and busy and the goal was to finish the circular cardi and start on the arms, but forget it. The last twisting roads are ultraslow. But a good day at research I think. I lost my special thin large safetypins (for keeping my stiches on the glove.. Telermarksvott- fingers coming up on last hand. Will be done at conferens at end of week. To the left look at an old favorite that has come out. All Alpacka sport from a long time ago (1984 something, the yarnshop was lokated just behind Sergels square, just around from Drottningatan. Is not there anymore).

This little beauty used every inch of yarn.
Great, no sign of bragging ;-) well, I like it, and I like my customized ceramic (stoneware) heart buttons). To all Swedish people I blame my year as a high-scool student at Bullard High in Fresno. One year with the valleygirls did my sense of bragging, well not better. Even the Australian Poppy, and Scandinavian Jantelaw have not got enough guilt into me. So. I'm proud of this sweater. Only thing I wish is that I had one more yard of yarn for the thin grey neckline. Slow... got to find those safetypins... Maybe ordinary pins large size.....Hmmm.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Knitting, oh, knitting!

The weather is so nice here in Sweden. I just enjoy my favorite colours of the tree outside my window. It smells so great. Fresh! Actually, it is my neighbourgs tree, but so what. So back to reality. It just feels so nice and easy. But Im getting desperatly tired. And the blogprogram messes with my pictures. I should help them test it....;-)
Being at my "pony"-friends 40 years birthday beautiful party last night, and today meeting my knitting friends "Sticklingarna" at Nordiska Museet. It was at the same time a chocolate-fair, what a combination! My head hurts. I get confused, does everyone post unserious commersials as comments to my blog?Stop that!
So, I thought I will show you some of my stash, have not emergy to figure out how to turn my picture, so turn your head ;-) First is my "summer Rowan" flipouts bought at Liberty SALE in London, but also from www.colourways.uk sale, which are great! There are also some Yll och Tyll sale. (the green in front). Blue is Calmer (planned for my special mix of Gemma from Rowan with zip-front!)

Baby-Alpacka Silk from Du Store Alpakka, a wonderful yarn, that got crazy expensive when moving it from Norway to Sweden. Next time I fly there and get it! Here are many unplanned soft things to wear. Thinking of fixing a special summertop a luxury pair of shorts of them...

At the same time I have one old sweater to show. My first pattern ever cardigan (from Garnstudio), yarn Silke-Tweed bought at Yll and Tyll 1997. (Yes, I have reversed colours in lack of the yarn at that time, and also, I have knitted a LONG TIME before 1998.......I just have made my own pattern.) . For me, this cardi is all about returning from Oz, Stuck in a secondhand rented flat in Rågsved. So, yes, I added (I'm wide) some extra, and it is a bit too big. But, it is very nice and cosy. Really think that the Garnstudio Silke-Tweed matches Rowan summer-tweed!
Another problem with this is that the arms have twisted when I stiched them up.... not obvious, since I really got help blocking it. So I wonder if the yarn actually was really twisted. But nice I say. Back to knitting...

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

well, well, Aldomovar

After a working frensy, I'm enjoying a baileys with my dear husband watching the house favorite Pedro Aldomovar's movie "What have I done to deserve this" bad english spanish translation. Being sailing this weekend, and the circular cardi has passed the opening for arms. Now it is really slowly growing. But it is nice,and size has passed comfortable travelling, so after tomorrows conference, I'm off to Linköping for the next conference. Work work work. I bring my Telemarksvott. For your enjoyment I can give you some pictures. I have realised, that progress and nice updates is better with photos. There are so many interesting yarns out there, but my stash i full, and I'm sticking to it (that is a pun, in swedish). Anyway, little time for blogging. Notice that you can google earth and get a map over any city in US, and just write "search yarn" and the map will plot out all yarnshops. Next time I will bring internet with me! What a great idea. No need for reporters of places. Take care my dear and loyal knitfriends. I'll be back!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Circular cardi and such

Wow, this took a long time to get back to leasure after work hit me hard. So, I have been sailing, I have started hyposensibility, I have eaten bad fish, I have done some gardening, and of course, a lot of work.....test, research, and keeping up with mail. I have managed to sneak my head into Trassel to buy another size 5 circular needle in 80 cm for my circular sweater, the one on Vouge Knittings Fall front cover. After a long decisionperiod trying to first to fight the urge to finish my ongoing sweater instead of starting something new, giving up and.... then into yarn from stash selection mode... this is what I have done. It is Debi Bliss Maya yarn (only have one ball) then it is Mojärv turquise and white and purple, and then some of the Estonian yarn, that is slow colouring change from darkblue over turqoise to purple. Interesting.....

Then I cannot understand the pattern. For me, when it says knit, increase in next, it does not automatically mean knit 2 stiches and add one. So, I had to frog it. Now Iäm finally adjusting the pattern correctly, but as always, the mix of yarnthickness etc is always interesting. So I'm knitting a few rows when I can. I finished my first Telemarksvott, and are now starting the second....so it will definitely take a while before you see any result.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Encouragement and crazy knitting projects

Wow, how friendly and encouraging some people are. I was curious if anyone had notice my stories on in the wide world web and I found Kia and her nice entry....I sure had a laugh. And them my Nordic Knitting Room mate Mitzknitz start asking me about my two-end sweater.. I guess I should give you my "only in plan, but definitely bought yarn and prepared design" long and crazy designs list.
1. Is my two-end knitted sweater, from collar and down, in 6 purple and grey, Expected to be ready.. around 2012;-) Many intricate designs, over the top....(that fuzzy puple thing). Anyway, for your info I have more than 15 kg of Z-twined yarn, so knitting that up will take MANY years.

2. My Swedish Skåne "speedetröja" or "danish nattröja", which is planned on needels 1.75 mm, in one of the more dimmed blue from Tvinni (Marianne Ishager) that will have a special embroyderieband on sleeves and around the large square neck. Have done a swatch. But not started. It will for sure take many years.... since I'm a XXXXXXL (or whatever...) that is how I feel when my knits never get done.

3. Crazy? Always dreamt about cosy pants in thin yarn (Tvinni again? but maybe more alpackasoft) but light oh light so they do not hang out like alpacka. Of course very flattering so I can wear them. I guess I will experiment with more summer shorts in some cottonsoft variant first.

4. I have already drawn and started to spin from my big bag of dark brown shetland fleece, a sweater/kaftan/may more on the jacketside, that has the nickname "höstkoftan", or "autumn long cardi". This one I plan to do like a "tree" on the back, and of course with all leafs, someone also falling on front, will all be made up byt my handcoloured and spun fleece. Maybe added some highlightening embroidery to emphase the nerves in the leafes. Of course a maple tree. Japaneese Maple, Acer palmatum "Sakuro" or some other great form.... Spun? well I guess I will have a long rainy vacation to get that done...... ahh...

5. Of course - all Alice Starmores intricate designs comes into this wishlist of hardworking sweaters. I just love Tudor Roses, and also Celtic Collection. And I'm into the colourful fairisles...Basically, I have a plan to knit myself through her books....(That is crazy!) Have not had the fortune to see anything else of her books (well fishermans sweaters of course). These I do not have yarn for yet.... So this is really in the future. But dreaming babe, dreaming. Maybe Im hoping for a get slim soon happening so I can knit this in more regular size.. It is hard to work things out... reminds me of all wonderful Knit all in books: Håndplagg (Heidi Fossnäs) yes I have yarn for about 10 mittens... and "Dikt i Maskor" Poems in Stiches of Solveig H....and the Norsk Strikkedesign.... Ahhh... 90% is on the list.
6. And does even laceshawls count? I have several in the making. Faroese, The Gossamer web and....ohh. it just never ends...
7. The Bohus addiction: Knit ALL available patterns is maybe just crazy. But not that much of a hurdle, it is just patience. I cannot wait until my stash will sink of UFO's so I actually can get going here.
8. Of course, I cannot fail to mention our Swedish heroin Märta-Stina Abrahamsdotter from Up-north. Of course Ulrika Bos Kerttu show her "fälltäcken" off for us at the 2003 Stickstämma in Härnösand, enough that made me buy ALL PATTERNS AVAILABLE: of course I will knit ALL OF THEM, and I do have a lot of Mojärv yarn waiting, even if I know it should be much more tough yarn, like "Ryaull".... But trying that really makes my fingers blisters, So I do a softer one /but not too soft, like Visjö). So, and I'm not planning small covers, I'm talking about the real deal, for a moder 120 bed (guest rooms).... Ahhh my crazy dreams.

Well, amazingly enough, it is too hot. And a workday tomorrow. So See you!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Ännu mer garn! Sorry Swedish today!

Så har jag äntligen varit iväg och tittat på Garnverket. En f.d. Ericssonare skall vara ägarinnan, men hon var inte där. Ljust,frächt, och både kära Rowan, Härliga Gotlandsullen och lite nytt special. Förstås håller jag mig bara på yarnoholics acrylnivå, dvs jag kompletterade ett project genom att köpa några Kid Silk Haze i precis rätt färg för att matcha Ann-torps handfärgade silke. Tänkte sticka ihop dem till en liten topp, men har inte riktigt bestämt mönster, eftersom jag vill verkligen framhäva det fantastiska garnet, så kanske det blir bara enkelt och stilrent. Räcker det till en omlott, en cardigan, eller??? Garnverket innhäll också två kära systrat från HV, som var ståndaktiga. Det som verkligen var garnbrottet var att köpa 200 färgad gotlandsull. Har förvissor grått gotland det skulle kunna passa till (så tänkte jag), men egentligen så undrar jag om det inte är bättre att hålla den helgrå, och använda denna fint ljusgröna till något annat. Det var ett s.k. onödigt köp. Maken var förstående. Garnverket hade dessutom handspunnet garn, men efter den där klämmen, kändes det både som dålig kvalite, och bossigt, och det såg rätt ojämt ut, så kanske är min spinning inte så du ändå. Här är mina allra första spunna - så att de är ojämna är inte konstigt. Mycket spunnet sedan dess.

Annars har jag efter 3 (!!!) upprepningar av ärmen, beslutat att nu stickar jag båda ärmarna samtidigt, fram å tebaks, på min fina Rowan Aran. Eftersom mönstret ändå inte kommer att stämma, så tror jag nu mer på montering. Mönstret passar dessutom bra till det. Och, Maken tjatade förståss om sin tröja, så jag gick upp till stickmaskinen, och kämpade hela kvällen med ett buteljgrönt bakstycke i Solsilkes garn Cortina. Lång tid med sluttande axlar, och massa strul för nacken. Ja, en lat helg där jag mest suttit och glott på TV400's American Idol maraton. Oh Bo Bice... Uttala det på svenska Hehe....
Ny jobbig vecka med seglingshelg. Ha det gott.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Stickcafe in Älvsjö

Great idea to join the wonderful women in Domino maskan. Found another near knitting neighbour. She was knitting a wonderful kids vest. I envy small projects. At least I took the bike, so I could work a bit on getting into a smaller size! Ulla, my Hoya friend, and chair of the swedish knit club Sticka knittid on needles 12. Scarf. Nice and fast. Time for my knitted and ripped up Colinette Point 5 Jacket? Then there were lush wristbands in nice pattern. Small project are great, except I have three already unfinished.... Then scarfs, scarfs and my memory fails. Maria with something patterned white. And the wonderful Candle Flame in alpacka from Karin was a dream. The other Karin was doing a very nice cool sweater/cardi, and then another sweater. Still in the cotton country. I'm going nowhere. Half a finger. No exiting progress. So...I guess I'm a beginner failing blogger.
Not good enough quality pictures. (see some horrible examples!) Noro cap for my hubbie. (to match sweater below).Too dark. Or this, hihi, my starting two-end knitted sweater.. fuzzy...
Too long text, with too few references. Too bad english (have any english speaker read this? Should I switch to swedish?) Where are my links? Not a personal button, look instead of my first stop favorite Stickigt. She is a master to learn from. And the worst thing is I was on the net in the beginning of the 80's. In the 90's I was hacking html pages with all entertaining in Stockholm. And now work started. Brains goes softer, but love goes stronger.Well. Practice makes perfect.
At least I can show off one of my actual finished projects (short sleeves added this summer) Pagan in Calmer from Rowan. I did many special changes. Added one colour on brim. Did pattern on collar, and added very short sleevs, since it hides unwanted straps. Pink really looks sick agains the grey. It is fab. Problem: It is HOT!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

I did it!!!

Ha! For the first time in the last 3 years I have been to a new city and entered 4! yarnshops NOT BUYING ANYTHING! I'm recovering from my yarnoholics.
Recovery medicine together with my first knitted gloves in Tvinni:
  • Bring half your packing with the almost finished sweater and a stash of yarns
  • Bring another smaller knitting too (TelemarkVott) below.
  • Carry this heavy thing like a bad conscious, being busy all the time with no sleep (conference) really building your of "no time to knit" and "to much to carry/have" and it will never be finish
  • Then, No money in wallet and a too hot sweater.
  • Walk fast to Skövde centrum, and talking nicely with the yarnshops owner - avoiding to squeeze and feel yarn too long to design a project in your head!
  • You are cured!

Any way, an ittybitty town of approx. 50 000 inhabitans (Skövde) have 4 active yarnshops. Someone must be knitting!!!! 2 shops had mainly acrylics, blends, babyknit.... 1 had the addition of Naturnära (no not the gotland shop, some farmer (could it be NATURNÄRA, ALINGSÅS, 031-23 00 41, 1437 ... PER G FODER & MASKIN AB, SKÖVDE)? , a local handdyed swedish woolyarn, very pretty, good colours, but only one batch each (was it 400 sek) for a full sweater (6 hg) which is a bit too little for me i believe. Also, It just felt a bit harsh against the skin, I guess I have been a bit spoiled with the anograblends. So, My grand finale was Ulla at Speciell. I was so wrong and behind. Now her bang was classy black to the blond. Always working hard and looking elegant, as her shop.

With Karin's machineknitted and Ullas assembly, a sight for sore eyes. Very sober, black grey, elegantly displayed, and we had a good chat, until I realize my researchpal Anders was waiting, and that last squeeze of the "out of this world" wonderful LIME Angora-merinoblend for 200sek for ONE YANK (100g I assume) ahhhh lush.... But I though of my yarnoholic pledge. Of-course, feeling and looking at her beautiful scarf (see it on her web) really made me weak in the knees, but I was soo hot, Anders was waiting, and I had to go...

So, I have mostly knitted, ripped up and reknitted my telemarksvott.

I'm back with the original pattern. It will be ok. Lots of room for embroydery!

Anyway, for your info: Läckö slott (Leakage castle ;-) had a Färgkraft exhibition. With sweaters and nice stuff. But no resale !!! (that, this time was ok, but still disappointed!!!) So, I had to think about my yarnstash of Färgkraft. Some lime, 2-ply, green, 2-ply, a wonderful 1-ply blue, mustard mix called "Tar" or "Tjära" and "Trollskog". Wonderful. And of course my UFO.. sigh. Maybe färgkraft and alpacka would be a good blend. Hmmm...

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Off to Skövde for the week...

Now I will go to Skövde for the week, researh summer school (and Läckö Slott), and hopefully get some time to see the yarnshops Speciell with a very special owner Ulla, who is a very fast knitter, and expert in (swe: Montering) putting the knitted pieces toghether. She is also a special person with her blue bang in her hair. I will just bring two knitted pieces with me, so I can keep busy during the long hours of listeníng to clever insights. (Left is my Birch in Kid Silk Haze, that takes a bit more than 3 yarnballs to finish, but is wonderful and easy to do, very rewarding. I started this on 27 of June and was done 27 July).

Well, today I just bought Simple Knitting, with 250 hints for the knitter. Weird magazine, I cannot say if I like it or hate it. It contains nothing, yet I cannot stay away. So I took a nap, and had a strong wake-up splashing a full caffe latte on what I though was - all my coffetable knitting books, the latest Vouge knitting, the Rowan magazin, Scarf Style and Norsk Strikkedesign, was in jeopardy. But as in Poker, the true wonder of magic occurs on the river, and the last number of Sandra knitting took all the coffe, and the rest was saved. And honestly, I just stopped my subscription on Sandra, since is a magazine always a bit off in colour, yarn, patterns etc so I just loose interest. Finally, I succeeded. So, no harm done, but a scare....
My camera just got the handpiece in the coffe, and my little patternbook is of course smudgy, but it could be worse. So, time for a break. On this picture (No, not the Magnolia) is my first handspun hanks from the great course at Gudruns Ullbod (see link on right). The problem with this first uneven yarn is what to do with it. But I'm thinking of doing small swatches/squares, to really display the yarn, and then knit them into a sweater. (Of course, spinn all of the other yarn as well or maybe not? Really show of the difference....)

Friday, August 12, 2005

Something old, Something new, something borrowed, something blue...

Well, having dear knitting-friend over, living almost next door, Maria G, with her wonderful blue newly knitted Krakashawl (Design Emma Frösslund for Anntorps väv), have a look at a similar atLiten Karin's. I'm burning for a quick project. Every now and then I go for quick projects, to chear myself up during the huge size small needle work. And I'm a bit against swatches.. So I do sample sweaters, sample hats etc...So, I thought you might like one of my favorite cap, in swedish we call this pilljar, (swe:pillerburk).

It is done with some left over yarn (Mojärvs Ullspinneri) from up north in the pattern that in swedish is called "Hålkrus". Actually rather simple. Morjärv has a really nice colour-palette, and the yarn feels a bit itchy, and fuzzy before you actually knit it, then transformation happens and it is typical nice wool, not itchi (not supersoft either, but definitely wearable against the skin if you not to hyper sensitive). and somehow the shortness appearance of the yarn is not true. It is an illusion. A typical better than standard swedish wool yarn. Also, somehow it feels good to support a little wool spinnery in the middle of nowhere up north.

Well, Maria and I discussed in depth the swedish and the nordic knitting symposium, and we definitely said Gotland next year. The Nordic one will be on Island, a nice place, probably not so cheap, so I'm a bit undecided yet. But there are more things going on. Have you missed my IDOL Britt-Marie Christofferssons exhibition in Halland?
Well, next to that will be also a small workshop/Sticksymposium. I sure hope they have recieved my name and money, so I'm on!! And there is a crochet symposium in Vaasa. Unfortunately, I cannot make that, and honestly I tend not to relax my hand when I'm doing it, so it has the opposite effect of knitting. Non-relaxing. While we are discussing Halland, I have to show you my Binge pilljar cap, that I started on the last years Knitting symposium in Grebbestad.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Yarnoholic or passionate?

I confess, I could easily join this site yarnoholics. I need to. So, therefore I pledge not to buy any new yarn, except the following: New Bohus patterns from Solsilke OR to complete a started project. But no NEW yarn.

I also cannot pledge to half a very large and unknown number. It takes too long to complete the list... But I will someday. So I know when I have reached 10% which is a much better goal. Now I have about 15 boxes of yarn and a hopechest. Filled. So. Lets start with the list of UFOs:

  1. Rowan - Bridge - in Rowan Aran (see part picture below) - sleeves left to do. I guess 30 hours left. Needels 4.5mm
  2. Skogsmörkret for my dear husband (which I plan to borrow!) Body and sleeves and some of the yoke left to do, mybe 70% left. Needels 2mm.
  3. Summer Sweater in Muscat with pattern. My usual get bored point: Circular knitted, now done most of the back, have half front and sleeves left. 50% Needels 3mm?

  4. Jaeger Aran Tweed in Charcoal, Back done, but cannot figure out how I will finish the front cabels in a nice matter. Wonderful fat yarn to knit. Sleeves and front left to do. Needels 4,5mm?.
  5. HV Rya Ull Bag. Started at course: Knitted in heavy material, needs to tape fingers. Pattern Märta-Stina Abrahamsdotter. 90% left to do. Needels 4mm.

  6. Bergå Sweater, Old yarn from Tällberg. Discontinued. 2-ply thin. Needels 2.5mm. Have done body, Sleeves left to do, and making it longer and embroidery.

  7. TelemarksVott (see picture below). Rauma Gammelserie naturvit 1.25 mm, 3 fingers and one more glove, and all the embroidery.
  8. Bohus Knitting. "Gula Spetskragen" as cardigan from Solsilke. Just started.
  9. Easterpulli (Påsktröja) PepPrint, done body, adding sleeves. 4.5mm.

  10. 2-end knitted sweater in Purple with Anne-Maj's yarn. done 10%. Circular, top-down. needels?? 3.5mm maybe.
  11. Two coloured "patentstickat" (Brioche?) on needles 2, Yarn: Färgkraft 1-ply in lime and green. On normal point, Cardi on circular needles 2mm and now working on back. front, collor and sleeves left.
  12. Two-end knitted gloves in white with turquois pattern. I've started both gloves, but not reached thumb yet. 3mm?
  13. One more glove of Gotlandsvante (project started at course) with lace, name, year, and typical Gotlandpattern. Yarn: Norsk Kunstvevgarn in white, a bit lime, red and black for effect.
  14. Machineknitted Sweater and cardigan in Solsilke's Cortina in mintgreen. Needs sleeves and embroidery to be completed. Yummy. My second machineknitted project.
  15. Guernsey yarn in dark, 2.75mm just started Aran for me or hubby.
  16. Summertop and skirt. Skirt done, but needs a waistband elastic and some sawing (long green), and the shirt was done, but I was unhappy with collor so I'm ripping it up to remake more nicely.
  17. Enterlac (Kont- Näverstickad) sweater in Jaeger Matchmaker Merino in purple and blue. And my advice, NEVER DO ENTERLAC WITH SUPERWASH. It is not ok. Fixing so neck goes together well and sleeves left to do....I'm sure to have more, if I start, but this is the beginning of UFO List. Hugs.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

It's raining- again!

Of course I should start with the picture I failed to take today on a two-end knitted sweater for the sum of 18300 SEK (around 1100+ dollars..). Go Anne-Maj Ling. But, so you really take the effort to look at the quite interesting exhibition KRAFT in Gustavsberg I will not. So, you have to look at my pictures instead. First, lets have a look on my very fast knitted bag. It is super easy. Basically. Make a large reqtanguel, save one of the long sides, and pick up stiches around the bottom, knit circular up a lot larger than you think, then save for arm and make a little flap. Stick it in the machinewash on 60 degrees Celsius... And THIS comes out (well, I of course added one of my own ceramic Läkerol buttons). Took some 10 hours to knit.

Well, Spinners, what about this? Carol? Carol is one of the best spinners in the world, and she humbly said, maybe I'm the best carder....I wish I was. Honestly, I'm a lousy carder. Really lousy! but practice makes perfect..And I'm mostly hand spinning with the spindle (maybe because I'm such a lousy carder, the wheel require so much more carding)... Is this ok thin??? (I know it is dark, but you get the idea? and still a bit uneven, and only one ply yet but I think it is thin enough!!!

Finally a nice oldstyle mohair, with that 80's feel, that I wear and get stared at... but who cares? I like it and I made it. It really enhances my size too.... NOT flattering. Of course, also with my ceramic buttons"... Is this ok? For today? A Rainy day.Hey!