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Saturday, October 20, 2007

TIme to get into knitcleaning!

Korea fashion is really great knitting. I like that! Then I browse around my "knit-corner" inspired by Zoe's neat and tidy place and realize that my intestive week-program has a prize. - It is a knitmess. So Not only am I taking on my very warm and great sweater, and having som Stach Enhancement eXperience at a few of the LYS, Im going to clean this mess. Clean on the outside, makes inside better. It is a beautiful day, cold and crisp, and time to pick the last apples... Im conteplating CABELS, it seams like all is now CABLES and fair-isle. Anyhow, Im a bit stuck on order in knit-mess. Finish august summer top (and take a pic)... ok. That would be a first choice. Then Wildapple or Lotus tank top. Now, now it is break for 6 caps! And Im longing for A QUICK KNIT! When I looked through the mess for cap-yarn I realized I had some great Maya yarn. It screamed to me. "knit me.... knit me". And Im packing a big "charity bag" of yarn and posting to my mum! That is strange. I thought I could never part from a thread. Well, Cronicals are hacking on!


Zoe said...

Thanks for the kind comment. My REAL stash area is a mess and is spread in boxes under the bed in the wardrobe and lounge and needs to be sorted out big time!!! I love the knitted dres.

Mary, Mary... said...

Thanks for the shop pix--I haven't been anywhere in ages, especially someplace that has window shopping. Dry your tears and get well--you're a tough old(ok, middle-aged) garngamen!