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Thursday, February 19, 2009

6 nr 6 Totally OT!

So, challenged by Maria to find the 6 picture in the 6th folder and show and tell is an adventure. Not only do I have access to 3 computers, but also - restrictions apply. The work-computer is of course empty on pictures - and I never blog from there. The home-computer I have all pictures on is share by husband (and also - the ctrlbutton is badly placed, causing me to loose stuff on the blog), so the research computer is my blogging choice, and I do think Swedish state mind me practicing my english. Anyhow. On this computer, there was not 6 folders. Or I should say, the 6th folder was "sample pictures". No - but I have a folder which has folders - which have pictures that I use as background for my research presentations (to poke the very left-hemisphere oriented people a bit). So unfotunately the 6th of 6th contained flight accident shots, Im unsure if they are not carrying publication restrictions.. But - hey it did not say 6th reading left to right upside down, so going from the back in the folders I found this - much better inspiration for a blog. My brother Johan's great Art again. This is from 1991.... but still have the vigour of the now. I love it. I have this huge plan to knit based on his paitings... But of course - that is also using someelses genious instead of exercising your own. But the colours here would be a great sweater. So - art and knitting (and a lot of travel)....Anyhow I have decided what to bring to Australia two UFO's. One to finish on the plane down (and then wear)... one brainless "motorway knitting that lasts" 2.5 mm body and sleeves left of the wild-apple would take care of that.... and then Im discussing the third with my self -being sure to have something to knit on the plane back.... but I got to have room for yarn,,, I love planning. Otherwise Im in fight with two (2!) lopi sweaters. One uncooperative - one very cooperative. The uncooperative has now got pockets, (to be attached) and needs a lot of sewing (of a band in the collar) and then the fun secret one. Well. I hope to get one done to show this weekend.... Oh yeah - I told you - Im a dead end for this "hand the torch over". If you read it - you are it (assuming you have a blog) ;-) Hugsies from the tv-sofa...