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Friday, August 12, 2005

Something old, Something new, something borrowed, something blue...

Well, having dear knitting-friend over, living almost next door, Maria G, with her wonderful blue newly knitted Krakashawl (Design Emma Frösslund for Anntorps väv), have a look at a similar atLiten Karin's. I'm burning for a quick project. Every now and then I go for quick projects, to chear myself up during the huge size small needle work. And I'm a bit against swatches.. So I do sample sweaters, sample hats etc...So, I thought you might like one of my favorite cap, in swedish we call this pilljar, (swe:pillerburk).

It is done with some left over yarn (Mojärvs Ullspinneri) from up north in the pattern that in swedish is called "Hålkrus". Actually rather simple. Morjärv has a really nice colour-palette, and the yarn feels a bit itchy, and fuzzy before you actually knit it, then transformation happens and it is typical nice wool, not itchi (not supersoft either, but definitely wearable against the skin if you not to hyper sensitive). and somehow the shortness appearance of the yarn is not true. It is an illusion. A typical better than standard swedish wool yarn. Also, somehow it feels good to support a little wool spinnery in the middle of nowhere up north.

Well, Maria and I discussed in depth the swedish and the nordic knitting symposium, and we definitely said Gotland next year. The Nordic one will be on Island, a nice place, probably not so cheap, so I'm a bit undecided yet. But there are more things going on. Have you missed my IDOL Britt-Marie Christofferssons exhibition in Halland?
Well, next to that will be also a small workshop/Sticksymposium. I sure hope they have recieved my name and money, so I'm on!! And there is a crochet symposium in Vaasa. Unfortunately, I cannot make that, and honestly I tend not to relax my hand when I'm doing it, so it has the opposite effect of knitting. Non-relaxing. While we are discussing Halland, I have to show you my Binge pilljar cap, that I started on the last years Knitting symposium in Grebbestad.

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vilka jättefina mössor!