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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Encouragement and crazy knitting projects

Wow, how friendly and encouraging some people are. I was curious if anyone had notice my stories on in the wide world web and I found Kia and her nice entry....I sure had a laugh. And them my Nordic Knitting Room mate Mitzknitz start asking me about my two-end sweater.. I guess I should give you my "only in plan, but definitely bought yarn and prepared design" long and crazy designs list.
1. Is my two-end knitted sweater, from collar and down, in 6 purple and grey, Expected to be ready.. around 2012;-) Many intricate designs, over the top....(that fuzzy puple thing). Anyway, for your info I have more than 15 kg of Z-twined yarn, so knitting that up will take MANY years.

2. My Swedish Skåne "speedetröja" or "danish nattröja", which is planned on needels 1.75 mm, in one of the more dimmed blue from Tvinni (Marianne Ishager) that will have a special embroyderieband on sleeves and around the large square neck. Have done a swatch. But not started. It will for sure take many years.... since I'm a XXXXXXL (or whatever...) that is how I feel when my knits never get done.

3. Crazy? Always dreamt about cosy pants in thin yarn (Tvinni again? but maybe more alpackasoft) but light oh light so they do not hang out like alpacka. Of course very flattering so I can wear them. I guess I will experiment with more summer shorts in some cottonsoft variant first.

4. I have already drawn and started to spin from my big bag of dark brown shetland fleece, a sweater/kaftan/may more on the jacketside, that has the nickname "höstkoftan", or "autumn long cardi". This one I plan to do like a "tree" on the back, and of course with all leafs, someone also falling on front, will all be made up byt my handcoloured and spun fleece. Maybe added some highlightening embroidery to emphase the nerves in the leafes. Of course a maple tree. Japaneese Maple, Acer palmatum "Sakuro" or some other great form.... Spun? well I guess I will have a long rainy vacation to get that done...... ahh...

5. Of course - all Alice Starmores intricate designs comes into this wishlist of hardworking sweaters. I just love Tudor Roses, and also Celtic Collection. And I'm into the colourful fairisles...Basically, I have a plan to knit myself through her books....(That is crazy!) Have not had the fortune to see anything else of her books (well fishermans sweaters of course). These I do not have yarn for yet.... So this is really in the future. But dreaming babe, dreaming. Maybe Im hoping for a get slim soon happening so I can knit this in more regular size.. It is hard to work things out... reminds me of all wonderful Knit all in books: Håndplagg (Heidi Fossnäs) yes I have yarn for about 10 mittens... and "Dikt i Maskor" Poems in Stiches of Solveig H....and the Norsk Strikkedesign.... Ahhh... 90% is on the list.
6. And does even laceshawls count? I have several in the making. Faroese, The Gossamer web and....ohh. it just never ends...
7. The Bohus addiction: Knit ALL available patterns is maybe just crazy. But not that much of a hurdle, it is just patience. I cannot wait until my stash will sink of UFO's so I actually can get going here.
8. Of course, I cannot fail to mention our Swedish heroin Märta-Stina Abrahamsdotter from Up-north. Of course Ulrika Bos Kerttu show her "fälltäcken" off for us at the 2003 Stickstämma in Härnösand, enough that made me buy ALL PATTERNS AVAILABLE: of course I will knit ALL OF THEM, and I do have a lot of Mojärv yarn waiting, even if I know it should be much more tough yarn, like "Ryaull".... But trying that really makes my fingers blisters, So I do a softer one /but not too soft, like Visjö). So, and I'm not planning small covers, I'm talking about the real deal, for a moder 120 bed (guest rooms).... Ahhh my crazy dreams.

Well, amazingly enough, it is too hot. And a workday tomorrow. So See you!


Froding said...

Jag gillar dina oskarpa bilder, de har samma skärpa som om jag tar av mig mina glasögon ;-)
Fast vad föreställer den sista bilden? Inte den nya tröjan???Som vi väntar med spänning att få se bilder på!!

Garngamen said...

Käraste Marianne, fotoelände.... näe, den sista är ju Märta-Stina i ORGINAL från Härnösand. I wish it was mine..... nu är det cirkulärtröjan som är på stickorna... Men någon gång går jag ut och poserar i mina alster...då kanske bilderna blir roligare ;-)