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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

It's raining- again!

Of course I should start with the picture I failed to take today on a two-end knitted sweater for the sum of 18300 SEK (around 1100+ dollars..). Go Anne-Maj Ling. But, so you really take the effort to look at the quite interesting exhibition KRAFT in Gustavsberg I will not. So, you have to look at my pictures instead. First, lets have a look on my very fast knitted bag. It is super easy. Basically. Make a large reqtanguel, save one of the long sides, and pick up stiches around the bottom, knit circular up a lot larger than you think, then save for arm and make a little flap. Stick it in the machinewash on 60 degrees Celsius... And THIS comes out (well, I of course added one of my own ceramic Läkerol buttons). Took some 10 hours to knit.

Well, Spinners, what about this? Carol? Carol is one of the best spinners in the world, and she humbly said, maybe I'm the best carder....I wish I was. Honestly, I'm a lousy carder. Really lousy! but practice makes perfect..And I'm mostly hand spinning with the spindle (maybe because I'm such a lousy carder, the wheel require so much more carding)... Is this ok thin??? (I know it is dark, but you get the idea? and still a bit uneven, and only one ply yet but I think it is thin enough!!!

Finally a nice oldstyle mohair, with that 80's feel, that I wear and get stared at... but who cares? I like it and I made it. It really enhances my size too.... NOT flattering. Of course, also with my ceramic buttons"... Is this ok? For today? A Rainy day.Hey!

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