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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Yarnoholic or passionate?

I confess, I could easily join this site yarnoholics. I need to. So, therefore I pledge not to buy any new yarn, except the following: New Bohus patterns from Solsilke OR to complete a started project. But no NEW yarn.

I also cannot pledge to half a very large and unknown number. It takes too long to complete the list... But I will someday. So I know when I have reached 10% which is a much better goal. Now I have about 15 boxes of yarn and a hopechest. Filled. So. Lets start with the list of UFOs:

  1. Rowan - Bridge - in Rowan Aran (see part picture below) - sleeves left to do. I guess 30 hours left. Needels 4.5mm
  2. Skogsmörkret for my dear husband (which I plan to borrow!) Body and sleeves and some of the yoke left to do, mybe 70% left. Needels 2mm.
  3. Summer Sweater in Muscat with pattern. My usual get bored point: Circular knitted, now done most of the back, have half front and sleeves left. 50% Needels 3mm?

  4. Jaeger Aran Tweed in Charcoal, Back done, but cannot figure out how I will finish the front cabels in a nice matter. Wonderful fat yarn to knit. Sleeves and front left to do. Needels 4,5mm?.
  5. HV Rya Ull Bag. Started at course: Knitted in heavy material, needs to tape fingers. Pattern Märta-Stina Abrahamsdotter. 90% left to do. Needels 4mm.

  6. Bergå Sweater, Old yarn from Tällberg. Discontinued. 2-ply thin. Needels 2.5mm. Have done body, Sleeves left to do, and making it longer and embroidery.

  7. TelemarksVott (see picture below). Rauma Gammelserie naturvit 1.25 mm, 3 fingers and one more glove, and all the embroidery.
  8. Bohus Knitting. "Gula Spetskragen" as cardigan from Solsilke. Just started.
  9. Easterpulli (Påsktröja) PepPrint, done body, adding sleeves. 4.5mm.

  10. 2-end knitted sweater in Purple with Anne-Maj's yarn. done 10%. Circular, top-down. needels?? 3.5mm maybe.
  11. Two coloured "patentstickat" (Brioche?) on needles 2, Yarn: Färgkraft 1-ply in lime and green. On normal point, Cardi on circular needles 2mm and now working on back. front, collor and sleeves left.
  12. Two-end knitted gloves in white with turquois pattern. I've started both gloves, but not reached thumb yet. 3mm?
  13. One more glove of Gotlandsvante (project started at course) with lace, name, year, and typical Gotlandpattern. Yarn: Norsk Kunstvevgarn in white, a bit lime, red and black for effect.
  14. Machineknitted Sweater and cardigan in Solsilke's Cortina in mintgreen. Needs sleeves and embroidery to be completed. Yummy. My second machineknitted project.
  15. Guernsey yarn in dark, 2.75mm just started Aran for me or hubby.
  16. Summertop and skirt. Skirt done, but needs a waistband elastic and some sawing (long green), and the shirt was done, but I was unhappy with collor so I'm ripping it up to remake more nicely.
  17. Enterlac (Kont- Näverstickad) sweater in Jaeger Matchmaker Merino in purple and blue. And my advice, NEVER DO ENTERLAC WITH SUPERWASH. It is not ok. Fixing so neck goes together well and sleeves left to do....I'm sure to have more, if I start, but this is the beginning of UFO List. Hugs.

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