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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Its Raining again - Percentage bars!

I'm missing my knitting friends. Today, Dominomaskan had a special Estonian lace shawl knitting with the professional knitting lady Triinu. When I paid for the course, I was sick the first time, and manage to write totally wrong dates in my calender for the others, so I missed the whole thing. What a disaster. Now I hope I could fix it anywy, but I guess I'm a bit "coursed out" for a while. No more new inspiration. I'm still knitting my Faroese shawls... Anyway, today was dressed to fix, the unfixed sailboat (last night I was standing in -5C trying to change oil, and fix motor for winter... with little success).. but after getting the new tool "take away oilfilters" my hubby and me gave up and said at least it is raining now. So now it is warmer - and the motor will not freeze today. Being late, still hoping to make a catch up at our local Älvsjö knitting-gang special with Triinu, and after a terrible runaround in 8! places after my unfinished lace shawl swatch, (where I never figured out how this particular "mouche" was to be knitted), I just couldn't find it. I gave up in front of Scrubs, saying - It is raining again. So, instead I had a great letter from - The FemiKnitMafia that gave me her percentage bars. Sat down, and blogged. It is going in the wrong direction, blogging in stead of knitting...but it is just so bad outside, the sofa is warm and cosy, and there is a secret hacker in me. Programming and knitting have all things alike. Anyway I'm definitely on the look for the hip percentage bar's that is shown like a sweater, sock, shawl etc, but I just cannot find them. (If you have a hint, tell me!) Maybe I should make my own gifs ... or not. It is at least a start of the list with at least 50 WIP'S ;-) BTW: Picture is a "blurred" Kihnu (Estonian) weave-bag in my favourite colours...

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