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Monday, January 07, 2019

Time flies.. 2019 A knitting reflection

The finished pullover (now) a nice one).
Yes I do still knit. I do not publish much, all on ravelry, but lazy with photos....Some knitting is going on, and some things are actually finished. On top here is the turtleneck pullover in super stretch made from super soft yarn. Rather heavy...Mix of sock yarn and "Champange"... super soft merino.Of course my own pattern.
Florida dress?
 At a work/vacation combined visit to wonderful Orlando, Florida, at the best weather,  I started a new knit cotton in  Olive and lime, think that is the trend colors for spring 2019...?. I do not know how much yarn I got, but aiming for a dress ...still need a sunny vacation  to finish it.... It is already booked. I swear, I just get sick if I do not get vitamine D - Sunshine necessary! And you want to knit cotton against bear legs at the pool? Right? 
Yes, I get a "sparkle of joy" thinking of the knit and the sunshine. One of those "free knittings. You start, it is in the round, and you just go for it.

Alfa Skirt
Here to the left is the Alfa skirt, a knit of the left-overs of the discontinued Sandes Alfa yarn. Mohair and wool. I did a jacket/cardigan. Now I am waiting for the last yarn. Thank you for Ravelry ( where you can find anything fiber (including some nice lady in Oslo selling her two extra ball's of yarn), checking mail ever day, should be here now. Free knitting again.

Lastly - a shawl, also with pattern on the whim. I actually spun all the yarn myself, two-ply. It is silk-merino. and much to thin. I made a Färö-style pattern, starting from the outer edge.. but - I am not a very good spinner yet, so it is a bit strange to knit with. Also, it is not washed and stretched at this picture, that should make a change I think.  But very simple, with a little fringe.
Gives me courage to keep on spinning.
Conclusion for 2018 was 8 finished projects.....

So - for 2019? Hope I can finish 10 more projects. Takecare out there. Share your love.

Monday, April 27, 2015

There and Back again - a knitters travel around the world..

So could I finally be back? - After a long wonderful Holiday, where I needed to take a vacation from all busy work work work.... So here is the wonderful Tangelo Cotton-possum yarn from  New Zealand. My own design of course ;-) It is knitted with both 2 and 1 strand of yarn in this wonderful lace yarn from Zealana. Buttons bought in Hawaii! Love it. Then the Oh Possum, also with yarn from NZ. But the brand is different. Possum merino. Very very warm. Finally the shawl-sweater. Very elastic.. and my current little hank of spinning. Not the best I have done, but I am experimenting with draft-techniques! 160 meters 100g. 
"Oh Possum" cardigan,  Maui
This is the shawl-sweater. Own design. Yes, it is FIJI
I just finished this little hank of  Merino.
What to do with that??
Maybe time for something soft...
I will see.. currently no plans for it.
But the fleece is from Kartehuset, so
it is fitting with a danish coin ;-)

Monday, July 07, 2014

 A hat  - a quick knit

Special made socks for dear mother. Wool, with extra wide and long for swollen legs.

And my lovely hubby, showing off in Kaffe Fasset pattern, knitted by me for his 50th birthday (ok, this is after), when we visited his very happy grandma 96 year and going strong!

PS. Hej svärmor och morsan. Ni har väl inte gett upp att kika på bloggen?
Den kommer igång nu.. så sakteliga!

Tour de Fleece - Spinna (spinning) - Making yarn!

Hello - here is me spinning after all these years. Like a true beginner. But every time it is getting better. Ravelry have this game called Tour De Fleece. or TdF for short. Spin every day. I am in. Like I have never spun before.... And it is going better. Already done 282 meters of yarn in this wonderful white with a "halo" effect.  2-ply. 

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Long Time No See - but here I am again! Garngamen is BACK!

2013 was almost a lost year when it comes to knitting!
I think it all started with a reinstallation of software, which made the picture fixing ability disappear. Then I lost my oomph a bit, knitting Kaffe Fasset insane sweater to husband. I was knit-exhausted. 
It did not get better when I finished the vest for my american "sis" and all my picture was in the mobile, and got stolen. So I am still waiting for a "finished" photo. I do not even think she like it. Knitting when no one uses the stuff is a bit depressing. But maybe it is good. I have still some knits in progress though.
So, there is hope. Also - the life in Ravelry makes blog relatively redundant. One can keep track and post photos so easily - and it is internally for all knitters. Who else cares about the knit adventures? I guess mother in law ;-) Maybe mom, who now is blessed with a pad. But really… 
So - I still have the Stash of a lifetime - that is my yarn room. 
And really ongoing more than anything are: 
 - My ice-cream (summer) sweater - all in thin cotton
 - my Yellow silk top - so little to do, will it fit? again - much bare flesh there.. not suited for public photo.
- Two pair of socks for mom, one with pattern suffering from SSS (Second Sock Syndrome) and the others were ordered to be knee-high - and I am still contemplating the yarn. Of course I got about 5 boxes of yarn from mom, when she cleaned out - none of which I really care for, so I hope to knit from that, but it is no surprise that that yarn are of course not very nice in anyway - feels wasted… Acrylic galore with some fancy 80s fuzzy yarn. 
- And then the wonderful super thin turtleneck in black and many colors… so body almost done, still neck and sleeves to go. 
- And the wonderful Saga in Lopi - so many colors, here I have knitted myself to the yoke - Then it is a collar and a zipper. 

Last year I finished: 
Vest for Stacey (long vest)
A angora Sweet Tee
A hat and headband
hmmm was it something else too? Cannot remember. 

 Now I only need to figure out the pictures again. 

Sunday, December 02, 2012

FO Seafoam

Seafoam...This is so interesting. The new blog editing is messing with me. But, regardless - the little lace mohair vest with a lot of glass beads is nice to wear. A bit see-through though, which you must plan for. For instance it is hard to spot that it is long - since I have black pants underneath. anyhow, it feels a bit "dressy" and elegant. You would think this was easy work to do - no - the pattern from head which is based on a lace pattern called "birch" is relatively simple and straigh forward, but the beads and the gauge was really problematic. Such a thin thread on big needles... Anyhow - this is my 12th sweater for the year - so it is at least concluding my basic goal of 12 sweaters a year. I am of course knitting on, but allowing me to knit a pair of socks in-between. Have a great day!

Ok... Finally! FO's Murkey Falls

As you can see - this is take "way back". Now we are drenched with snow. So why is there no weekly updates from here? Have I stopped knitting? No way.... I just had some computer problems. Not only did I change my computer - with that I lost my photo editing program. This definitely causes problems. Since the pictures are big and will take forever to download to your computer.
Sigh. So - you have to tolerate somewhat uncropped pictures, before I locate the disk where the program is stored (it is SOMEWHERE) in the big renovation mess. Be patient. Things will always get better.
Meanwhile, knit on - be happy and rejoice!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I am back ;-) And my little critter!

Dearest friends and critters! So, I feel like the little sheep dangling... a bit "fuzzy". Ok, I need new glasses. I have been working more than usual, and my knitting and fiber time has been very limited. Maybe because I have been driving the car more, so there has not been enough "sitting on the train knitting".. these hours count. Maybe it is because I go to bed earlier, since the unusual summer actually officially not counted as a summer (only 6 days of sunshine and temperatures over 20).. I am also more tired. But, I did a little sheep. Inspired by my favourite, Shaun the sheep. He dangles in the lamp usually. The main knitting project is the attempt to finally finish this delicate lace and glass-bead kid silk and mohair vest (is it?) we well see. As always, my home made knit talks to me, and it depends on the yarn if it gets a V-neck, some sleeves or not. It is very time consuming. But the inspiration here is Sea, the waves, and the with froth, and of course gleeming with beads as the sea sparkles. I miss the sea. And swimming. So it will be very nice!
I think it is a good knit. I am starting to see the end of it. I hope I have the right white blouse underneath, to really show it off. But, I though you deserved an update, even if I prefer blogging with ready made items. It is almost "spoiler alert" otherwise. It is very nice yarn, and I only have one ball of each, so the lace is supposed to make it last. It is the old "birch" pattern if you remember (I have done two shawls in it). A simple repeat of 10 stitches. And easy both in the round and back and forth (as I have just divided for sleeves, and soon for V-neck.  It is light as a feather, but I think it will have some warmth, now when the evenings grow colder. I am so happy about finishing some of my old knits, it feels I am "cleaning out". Which is a general mode this summer. Cleaning out. We have really cleaned and throwned away a lot in cellars and garage. Having moved dear mom also meant that I have now another 5-6 boxes of yarn. I think I will have to give some away, but there was also some finds in there.  A lot of superthing, one-thread for weaving though. Ok, so the sea-breeze, is soon off the needles. Since we are in confession time, what I am doing.. I must confess that  I have started something new.
It was one of those times, when yarn, pattern and idea just came together. It is an old Rowan pattern called Prue. The original is in one colour, with that white brim, and long sleeves. But I though my yarn just will be perfect, and keeping the rib and collar (and maybe the sleeve edge) in neutral with the white, and then have the lace part in the variegated. It is a wonderfully soft yarn Ambrosia, and it will fit my purple linen pants I "lived in" this summer. The lace is rather demanding, but I think I got the hang of it. I am more worried when it is time to split and go backwards with this lace. It is sort of "Henley" shaped. The thinking is if I will just keep it stocking stitch (no lace) on the top part (so you do not see through there...) But the pattern has not. Anyhow, it will be no or very short sleeves. It should be for summer. Well, having been in wonderful Poland, Wroclaw last week I cannot help longing for the sun. Sorry for scarse posting. But next time will be in two weeks! I hope to have finished some more exiting knits.
Take care my friends. I am still around. Just slower on the blog..

Friday, August 10, 2012

FO Cabled Cardigan

 Ohh, I just realized I am behind on the blog. This I finsihed the day after dearest  50th. It is warm and cosy and very soft, Jaeger Merino Aran. Very fast knitted. The pattern are from the famous Lutz and Patmos, who designed this "number 3" for Vouge Knitting/Designers knits (fall 2011). I love the pockets...Maybe I should have something to put it together, like a clasp, but right now, it works great just to throw on over bear arms in the chilled Swedish summer evenings. I mean, it is very rainy after all. I think I maybe did not sew it together the best way, in the back that is, One can see I stretched it a bit... but ok, It makes it cosy. I also added longer sleeves, because it just is more useful here. Well, I just finished my summer top, but that has to be my next posting.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Per 50 years! and Stone Circles completed!

 It is my wonderful husbands 50th birthday today. And Olympics is of course starting in his honour ;-)
My dearest wears Kaffe Fassett's "Stone Circles", that could be called either Pebbles, or why not "Water drops". I think that is more suitable. Washed soft, and with a lot of cutting, fixing and extra work I am so happy it works out.
It is a mix of yarn, Rowan Scottish tweed, Gunga Din, Mojärv 2-thread, Klippan, Wollmeise, Färgkraft 1thread and Rauma Finull (from cone, all the white), which I have used in mixed and together, all in wool of course. But I had to use some Bohus for the collar to make it extra soft. I do want him to wear it. Of course much to hot today - when the sun actually shines. But I hope it will work out. It sure took me some months to knit, so I am very happy with the result. Pattern is available free (in Ravelry), but I had it in an old Rowan Magazine.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

FO Paper top (sweater) Free form in two ways

Ok, This was the back side but works as my front side too... It is a mix of cotton yarns, and paper yarn for the sleeves...  It is very free form. The rain has a temporary stop, and the honey rose really blossoms in the back. In short, life is good.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

FO Årsringar and Summer Hat

In pouring rain, I pose in the wonderfully soft Cashmere sweater Årsringar. Pattern from the Danish designer Anette Danielssen, which I changed and added sleeves. The yarn is Anne Blatt 100% cashmere from the yarn shrine. I have also crochet a summer hat. Added a band, and there is some strength in the outer line. Works great! Happy Summer!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

FO Maggie

Dearest Maggie cardigan is done. An "old" Rowan pattern, knitted in Rowan Summer Tweed and Idena Silketweed. Zipper in front, and I am so happy that I did not mess this up totally - since I am no good in zippers. The lines align (almost). It is suprisingly warm in the first warmth of summer. I of course variegated the backdrop, and I also shortened it. But I am still happy with the somewhat "hippie" look. I cannot help my mind is going to super-hot Arizone Meza, and then I can also see a bit eye patterns in there - almost Indian influence (yes, the native america - not the India ones). 
And also a bit wide, so it will tolerate the first wash. I have experience with summertweed shrinking just a bit too much!
I still have "tons" of yarn left -so I am thinking to continue with a skirt (or shorts?) and a top in similar style... but I have run out of white, so I guess I have to either buy more or trick with the orange!
Anyhow - Pleasing to finally get done in my busy schedule. I cannot wait for some vacation. It is a few years overdue.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Back in business?

There is nothing good about the new Blogger. Is this the end of an era? People do not get that most people are creature of habit and do not like the changes. Anyhow, This is my seedlings. Yes, we are busy in the garden! Mostly runner beans, but also some suger snaps, And in addition we are deweeding the garden, and the seedlings are already growing.... So great. Cherry blossoms and just wonderful time. And I am sneezing like never before. Cannot tell if it is the pollen or a cold.  Instead lets have a look at my two "just started". And how far I went on in ONE MONTH (ok not the only knit but anyhow - on the Petal Haze)

SAGA in Lopi (just casted on)

A yummy Top, of left over yarn.

Petal Haze - Kaffe Fasset. (as you notice- one colour bleeds, so I have to exchange it) but this is a start of a sleeve.

So Sorry for the weird view. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Changes and progress

Ok, it has been some time since I posted. When I came back, the format in Blogger changed. Really irritating, but that is the consequence of being on a "free" site. You have no voice. You just have to adapt. Anyhow, I am adapting very much on all fronts of my life. Maybe that is why I have been away. Visited Montreal in Canada for a week with work work work. And basically sleeping all through easter vacation. I am a bit exhausted. Two jobs in two different locations takes a toll on me. But I do knit, and knit slowly in this stress. Here is the current progress, the cardigan "Maggie", where I soon hope I will reach "finished". But you know, one more sleeve, then a brim than the zipper, assembly etc - that can easily take me two weeks now, when it did take me two days before. I just do not have the energy. You get it, right? Be patient.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

FO: En Sårk För Mej (A boy for me)

The yarn is called "Sårk" which in Gotland means Boy! It is of course the wonderfully loose spun Fardhem yarn from Gotland, and bought at the spinnery, that is the origin of this cardican. It is all design from my head - and I have just made it a simple ragland/lopi decrease yoke to keep the pattern. Had to have pockets. I bit longer than planned, and a bit tighter than planned, but somehow it worked out, ok! Very soft and very warm.
What is not ok is that it has snowed, and is freezing again. What happend to spring? April weather! Finally some days rest on the Easter holiday. How wonderful! Happy easter to you too!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

FO Riddari - My Knight!

Isn't he lovely! My Knight in shining armour - my Riddari (or Riddare as we say in Swedish). Finally a perfect fit. The darker "spots" are just the shadows, since I spent the entire Sunday finishing it, it is a bit late... Spring has arrived. But it is still rather cold outside - the daylight is back. This is a classic Lopi-sweater - in Lett-Lopi from Istex. And the white is 2-strands of Plötulopi. Very 100% wool. Very rewarding to knit. Not as soft as Plötulopi, using needles 3.5 mm (and 4). I am satisfied. I feel like my knitting is progressing. The birds are singing. The best time of the year. The entire summer in front of you!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

FO Karamellvantar - and it is spring!

Snowdrops, Galantus... and I am getting ready for the winter mittens. It is not going quick, but I am slowly getting my speed up. Unfortunately, now the spring is here, and I am slowly going to want to be outside, which means less knitting time. And It is sunday. I should be resting. Ok I have been resting in front of "The Wire" (buy the box, and see your self from the start - HBO... really smart). Now, it is time to do the homework (studies never end...) The mitten is from left-over yarn - Östergötlands Ullspinneri. Two colours. And honestly - I am a bit iffy of the mix.. but one have to challenge the eyes occasionally, and this is a definitely maybe ;-)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

FO: Eternity Cardigan

Finally, this very labour intesive cardigan "Eternity Cardigan" is finished. It was started 10 years ago on long communiting to Sundsvall, when we had to clear out his house, after he died. And finally finished today, where I sew in the last buttons that I have made (in Raku technique). The yarn is hand coloured swedish one-thread (lace) from Färgkraft, in two colorschemes: Lime and "Trollskog" (Goblin forest ;-)As you can tell, it varies a bit. The knitting technique is called "Brioche" or två-färgs patent in Swedish, which basically requires you to knit every row twice. Since it is lace yarn on 2 mm needles, one row on the body takes 2 times 20 minutes. You can probably figure out that there are a few 100rds of ours on this one. The advantage with this technique is that it is reversible, so, as you might spot on the picture - I have it reversed on the second picture. I relize that next time it would be better to do this for a sweater, and not a cardigan (or have double rows of buttons), but ok, I sort of like the lime side a bit better. Here the sunshine has come back - as we have - from a week of sunshine in Krabi, Thailand. Very relaxing. But both dearest and me got the flu, so we are actually stuck inside, knitting and watching "The Wire" - which we both got very hooked on. And of course, I am knitting away. I have been knitting a lot - but, I feel all my knits are very time-consuming and demanding. Not much get finished. But this is the month to turn this around. Sorry for being away for February, but I started my second job at Karlstad University. So, now I get much more to fill my time with - and a bit less knitting. Anyhow, I am feeling better in many ways than I have in a long time (ok, except for the runny nose and soar throat). Spring in front of us, and fun research. Feels like this will be a great year! Maybe a little more time in the garden, maybe a little more energy to exercise (oh yes, despite appearancies, I do go to the gym!) and hopefully a lovely summer. I feel so fortunate. Life is good on a sunny sunday afternoon. Now, I will drink my caffe latte, and go back to the second series of The Wire. (We watched the first yesterday and friday... I am just saying.. It has a vibe to it). Take care out there, ok?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Commuting with knitting: Karamellvante and Riddari

Sharing a ride to work, I am lucky enough to sit on the side and knit. To the right is now a sweater started.. possible to the driver.. called "Riddari" - which suits well. I have now a long body of just plain stitches in the round, where I can still knit in the dark, chat the driver and look out so I do not get car-sick. A perfect "motorway" knitting, at least until I reach the yoke. Then there is one of the mittens (we need them as you can tell) that is named after the yarn, Karamell, (which is the variegated yarn from Östergötlands ullspinnery). Magically enough, also intended for the driver. This I knitted when train-commuting. Small and light - but still there are lights on the train. Even if I have lost several needles of the dpn on the train, I still like doing this type of knitting. Small enough to squeeze in. Just one more mitten to go. Otherwise, this is the first sun out today for "months" and we got at least some minutes before going back to research. The shadows are still long, but definitely on the way back to the light!