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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Gotland YARN hunt..

It is easy to explain why you buy 1 kg (2.2 pounds) of yarn (300 Sek!). It is ON SALE! This great Gotland yarn, three-threded wool from Yllet, was cheap (another great excuse) and packed in 500 gram packages. Not much colour-choicee, but it looks good draped on the clematis. A plain OXO-sweater can always be created. Unfortunately - this just moved into stash without no planned pattern. (Dangerous)....I think when I grow old- and have knitted about a 100 sweaters, this is what I would turn to ;-) Anyhow, this was a bargain. Good filling! Anyhow, this is ONLY the beginning. Reading a "Feng shui" book on basically "Cleaning the mess" . Inspirational. I have coughed, drinked tea for my sore throat, and used a lot of Kleenex - but - I have digged in to my "trash-room" where the paper heaps fills it up. My office. A lot of old trahs went. But after a day, Im only half way trough it all. But a great start. Next picture is from the two spinnery's on Gotland. The fleece, light grey in the roll is of course for spinning. On the right the blue and teal is SORK yarn (to complement the grey's I have at home) All this from Fardhem spinnery "Gotland spinnery" that are about to MOVE from Fardhem (could be good to know for other yarn chasers).. Thre thre greys on the left are from Ihre Spinnery (at a ridiculus expensive price - also - felt like it was "dipped" in OIL to make it heavy... Made me a bit suspisious. Unfortunately Ihre had almost no yarn in the shelfs. Anyhow, Fardhem is much better in my opinion. More loosly spun, and soft as a dreep. A little close-up might get you into a better mood ;-) Anyhow - I like it. And that is was counts. This three-threaded "SORK" (which means boy in the local lingo) I have already started to knit. Needed some colour to accent all the greys. The final visit is of course Huskroken, who I rejected at the last years visit - because they were expensive. And they still are. VERY expensive. But I loved the colours, and they are ECO-friendly produced. So, why not. Have a look at this picture.. Of course I will bore you with close-up's for weeks. They are mainly focusing on multi-coloured cotton, but I fell for some SALE nuances that did not measure up, and of course some Eco-produced wool (spun by Gotlands spinnery (Fardhem)) and coloured on location. See the similarity of the blue? Of course - I have really fallen for that blue..... But some one-threaded lime, turqoise and pink can always make a sweater. The smaller green yellow and blue are cotton. EKO means Ecological. They take on-line orders. Yummy. A big enrichment of the Stash. That is for sure.
Anyhow, now I have mailed the Bohus KAL! And here is the link: http://www.bohuskal.blogspot.com/
And the picture is the Wild Apple. I have already got it, and Im starting to wind it.... But now Im in decision split. Should I be good and finish all my UFO's accoring to plan - or just dig in the wild-apple? hmm I should finish the August sweater first. I that cold... This morning I woke up 6 o clock since my hubby sounded like a sawmill. He is also sick. Anyhow! This looks great. Take care - I will!