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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Two FO: Latvian mitts and Ewa Socks

It took me 6 years to make the second mitten to the Latvian mitts (pattern 19) from Uptis book in yarn from Östergötlands Ullspinneri. I did ran out of the back blue. But now it is done. It feels good. Below is the Ewa socks, pattern is Ulrika K. who runs the StickaMera SockKlubb. This was March entry. I really like them. Simple straighforward and fast to knit. The yarn is Regia 4-färg that I bought sometime years ago. Probably in Aachen. As you can see, spring is finally here in full bloom. It is wonderful. And the final apple-tree is pruned. Now garden cleaning is next step.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

3 FO again: 2 Mittens and a Shawl

First are the Vasa halvvante - (halfmitt). It is crochet (or jaquard crochet) with several colours, and then the white middle part is knit, to be finished off by more crochet. They are just lovely. They pattern is based on the Finish wonderful pattern "Korsnäströjan" -which is an east Finish knitting to mix like this. Not "my" colour, but a good first attempt. Then I finally did the embroyderi on the back side of the Kragvantar. They are wonderfully cosy. And it has almost a little fire in the blooms ;-) Anyhow,finally the snow has melted away, and the spring blossoms have started. I put my initials on these "kragvantar" and some bling too.., a buit late in the season. My last finished is a shawl. It is a shawl "Pimpad Liese" whish is done in the most wonderful handpainted yarn that I bought on the Knit-meet in UK years ago. I love it. Soft and "just my colours". Will suit all my green jackets. I actually knitted this this fall. But since one knits the edge at the same time, there is an decrease at the "way back", which I did "too fast". So I had to rip it up, and reknit half of the shawl. But now it is done. And I am super happy! And yes, we continue to eat our great noodle soups....It is constantly improving. We finally found the little quartier in Stockholm, that hold all the interesting foodshops. Not only could we finally find black mustard seeds, but also the Indian "Dahl", which looks like a cross between chick-peas and lentels... Dearest got Dahl in front of the eyes...So I guess we eat indian today. Yum Yum. Otherwise we are both plagued with a spring cold. I guess that happens waiting for our wind blew down the electricity and thus all trained stopped for hours. What a chaos. Again. And waiting around outside in the cold for several hours. That is not fun! Not fun at all. Glad I had good company (and the knitting).