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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Did you like the change?

Ok - The layout is changed. Do you like it? Cleaner some how. At the same time I managed unfortunately to drop a lot of info. That is life - going with the flow and embrace change. I have for example totally changed the colours of the "Butterfly" cardigan - originally designed by Solveig Hisdahl (you know - the main designer at Oleana). And - I am using PT2 (Per Tyving 2-thread) for the pattern - so I am using the colours I have collected. Starting with the sleeves for a change. Is yellow ok there? Hmmm, I am still not sure about the colour combo - it feels wild. But burried in snow it feel ok to knit warm wool. I am of course working on many knits as usual, and this "scrap" yarn collection is an inspired cable-galore for husbands socks. Nevertheless, it feels good. I have only three balls left to knit on the huge Windfell coat! That will be so wonderful now when it feels like winter never ends. Happy knitting my friends!