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Friday, November 20, 2009

November - rain and flu

I have absolutely nothing important to say today.
I have hoped I would show off St Brigid, but Im still knitting... collar, and extra braid on the sleeve - and it is so heavy and a bit BIG... thinking the really horrible words "light felting".... Otherwise I have had a week in London - and all I got was a flu (and some wonderful conversations with fellow researchers). I got a TWIG (my wonderful cherry-tree) in my eye, that after an agonising day with me being in much pain and half blind, I small piece dropped out. So now Im just stuggling with all the pain of a flu. I dear not test me for swine-flue, but Im happy that I got the shot just a week before, sooo....Otherwise Im moving back into the bedroom that is now fixed. And Hubby! have realized that a room full of yarn will result in a room full of sweaters. THAT will be a problem....