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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Vive La France! and very little about knitting!

The frensh Riviera, say it. Say - Working 18 out of 24 hours in the weekend, but having the best meal of your life in a small resturant near Marseille airport? Anyhow, Monday, our vacation started. We went to Nice. I basically were exhausted, but hubby (who have been walking around Marseille waiting for me, did the same in Nice). But it was a good to stress down. Anyhow, after a reward night at the great Nice hotel (I love collecting hotel-points) we went to St Raphael- Frejus. This is their beach. A bit windy, but clearly 22 celcius, about 20 degrees warmer than Sweden. It is my favourite, since I was at a teen- language camp 29 years ago. And then, I started a BOHUS - the yellow lace collar, as a cardigan. Our hotel was great, just above the Marina.
And we are sail-boat fans. I actually stripped and soaked my white flesh in the sun. Blinding white. Soon turned into red. But hey, vitamine D is good. And it was very long time ago since I felt that warmth. OK, this wasn't the best Bohus picture. Does this one look better?
Yep, great few days. Long walks, doing those 10000 steps easily. Anyhow, the Great Bohus knitting really requires focus. Being the map-reader, this was not a car-knit. Great on the balcony, and instead of incomprehensible TV. Anyhow, good food, and too much beer and wine - and then, knitting was really demanding. Sorry, had to pop in the blooming Wistera "Blue-rain". Just fantastic. Anyhow, we took the car up in the mountains to see the Frensh version of Grand Canyon. OK, it wasn't too bad. Well, not the SAME colours as the real Grand, but a great trip anyhow. I have a ton of pictures of this grey, and really that little river in turqoise-white, really got me into designing a sweater. Grey, with some tweed and this wandering turqoise river going across. Yummy. that would look great. Maybe an angora turquoise river? Anyhow, I feel rested, and I have done 41 out of 71 pattern-rows on the Bohus cardigan. Then we took our mini-rental to Beaucair - a weird town in central Provence. On the way we were stacking up on a huge amount of Lavendel to put into the yarn collection. This fear of bugs you know. Great anyhow. And cheap. Felt like summer to smell. Ahh, to finish the trip we visitedArles, where I bumped into a shop who actually carried yarn. (the one in Nice did just have cotton and acrylics, so I do not even count that!). Anyhow, more about that - tomorrow! Vive La France! It is so great with vacation. I just jumped out of bed today. Now it is time to get going here. Fixing sail-boat. cathing up on my 5 different mail-boxes...Reading blogs. Im sure you have done some great adventures out there. Im amazed how fantic our world is. So beautiful. And - all that I really needed was some sun, TLC, and a great knit. Blue skies and great ambitions. I have started to see sweaters in almost every picture. Pardon my french, but that is just great!