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Friday, September 05, 2008

ECF - Beach at Kalaloch, WA, US

Sun captured, in salty sea water, it was so windy... but we were on a wonderful vacation.. far far away from home. Here (back home) the turmoil is at is peak ;-) and sauna..., shower and most of the tiles in place. Somehow we I have not landed. Last weekend in London, and yesterday and today in a sunny Finland. I feel good. Busy, flying, working, hacking, with a dusty home, overripe red-current, high grass and lots of weeds, in shower rainy Sweden, and the last roses still showing their grace. It is just so amazing. TGIF. Now, Im knitting on so much different things, nothing is moving forward. I need to land... And show some great yarns for you.. and progress shots. Take care out there. Let our knitting needles click like sandals on beach stones.

Monday, September 01, 2008

What is going on?

No, this is a pic from this spring. Life is in turmoil. Handy Polish craftsmen are now in the "setting up the tiles" phase. Have you ever heard what a stone cutter sounds like? Especially after sitting 3 hours and waiting for the mess at Heathrow to clear up (well, it turns out the Queen do NOT want planes over her house, so they cannot use all runways, hence waiting 45 planes (3 hours) IN the plane before liftoff..... of course they blamed thunder or something....Hah... it was just the normal english cats n dogs.... Well... To put it midly - I DID NOT SLEEP ENOUGH! Yepp, I have been again at Windsor park this weekend. Worked on the weekend. And I WISH I was sailing with hubby. But Im shortly back, so Im answering Heidi's challenge (a bit late, and not in full:) 5 things I should do today: Well it is a bit late to tell that... I did clean the fishtank, booked my trip to Finland, and Linköping, and Potsdam, watered my Hoya's (plants), Had a go at Wii fit, and of course, one thing I still have to do is hang the wash and pack my bags for tomorrow with the food box (how utterly boring my life sounds!)..... What did I do 10 years ago? Hmm, september 1 1998? I would guess, I worked Like a dog as a manager.. Places I have lived? Sundsvall, Karlstad, Uppsala, Kungsholmen and Älvsjö (in Sweden), Fresno, CA in US, and Melborne, Australia (both just on Carlton and in Nrt Balwyn). All more than a year! Five things I would do if I was a billionaire? Travel the world in 1st class, get a personal chef, trainer housekeeper, gardenmen and all that staff to pamper me, hubby, mom, brother, and all my family and friends... Quit my job to start and become a designer (Philip Starck ? Terence Conran? No - Garngamen! hohaha.....also invest in better exercise programs ;*) Start a fund and place the money, start and support a number of charities, but specially invest in family and friends. Send it on? Anyone can grab it! Anyhow... Im definitly knitting socks.."Spring forward is on its second"... and Im moving along on some lace-stuff.