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Thursday, December 24, 2009

God Jul - Merry Christmas!

It is snow! It is quiet in Stockholm! And a Merry Christmas. We are looking at our favourite Disney at 3, a Swedish tradition for people "my age".... And my dear loves his Jaeger Alpaca Christmas present. Secretly knitted late at night... of course with a pattern of trees- or "gran" as we call our swedish cristmas fir-trees. So the had of course is called "Gran". (Swedish of course note the twist with gran,,garn= yarn!) For you that do not see the riddle. Why do our gran have the trees with the branches upwards? look at the gran inbetween ;-) I also throwed in a little victory bay-leaf twig as well...
Warm, and fitting! He is so cute! Btw - check the colour difference (with and without flash of the hat. The colours are more true with the flash (which is unusual), but it also becomes clear how dark it is. But now we are going to lighter times.
My thoughts goes to all my dear knitting friends around the world. Thank you for convincing me to continue with this blog... and for the patience and all the nice comments. We wish you all such a merry holiday time. Yet another year of many interesting happenings and learnings. We have made the great home-made Swedish Meat-balls, boiled and glazed the ham (this year with a orange taste) and this non-vegetarian feast does also have a green cabbage soup....and of course a lot of fruit-cake, saffron buns, and mandarins... And let us all rejoice over the love that exists in this wonderful world. Now - I must join Ferdinand the bull who sniffs on his flowers!
So with this - I wish you all a Merry Christmas!