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Saturday, March 01, 2008

FO - Sticka (HW's) False Cable sock

So Helen's masterpiece (available at Sticka's homepage for free patterns - in Swedish....) and the February Sock in Sticka Mera's Sock-klubb. I must say, a genious pattern! The super-elastic false cables are over 4 rows, and so fast it grows quickly. Very comfy and well written pattern, which I followed exactly (hmm, except I added extra stitch in two, before decrease... anyhow. This one is worth a second pair. The yarn gave me a blister, but I have knitted like a maniac every evening (almost). It went like this. Cast on and rib 30minutes. The first 12 cable rows until heel started 3 hours (with full concentration - 5 hours when watching exiting TV, like Scrubs, and Cold Case and the Cronicles of R...)
A heel was one way to Västerås (1 hour) and knitting gusset, the way back (including dinner on train).. the foot one night (with distractions) and the toe the next. And do it all over again ;-) Except, I have to add one extra hour getting the yarnmess (after travelling unprotected in my handbag) into a ball again. The yarn is Grignasco Champange. 70% silk and 30 % extra fine merino. Made in Italy. And a scrumptious yarn. Soft and durable. Im already in love with these socks. And tomorrow is the exiting Yarn-festival, and Sticka's yearly meeting, with Osva, the Faroese Shawl teacher/native speaking. What a treat. This year I will chase yarn for my US friend.... Swedish yarn, great quality! Hope I find some in just her colours!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

FO- Jaywalker socks

In Regia - Kaffe Fasset Line, the classic Jaywalker socks are knitted. Simple, yet effective. I did a stronger heel, but followed the pattern to the letter. Even if I tried hard to avoid the second sock syndrome, by knitting them at the same time on two dpnds set. One set (of 5) was conveniend 15 cm and the other set 20 cm. Ok. 15cm is soo much easier to knit on. But that foot was slow. Somehow, 10 years warranty on yarn is fantastic, but I notice I just my ring-finger in a weird way, and really get a soar finger with this yarn. Not too good. Colours are great. Anyhow, The SC (scottich Collection) made my yarndiet totally bust. And when you are bust you are. So I ordered 2 sweaters (Cold Duck cardigan and Luskentyre) from J&S. Then today I spent (husbands) money on 3 hanks a 140 SEK on Manos del Uruguay. "Almost" the same as my Debbie Bliss Maya. Reason is Im running out of yarn for my vest.. And the Eskimo I bought in Uppsala will definitely look a bit odd if used otherwise than edging. Anyhow. I immediately have started the Helene Sticka's fake cable sock pattern. In Silver! I have just started, but I like old gal (from the 40s)... Most proud am I for cleaning my "ceramics" cellar. I think it is the first time (maybe second) this garbage collector has been really clean. One reason is we moved down the kitchen cabinets (hubby is soo good tearing them down), and that makes it so orderly. I even put out a carpet! That is an improvement. Otherwise Im thinking why my enourmus amount of Lavender does not do its job in the yarn room. Last night I found one small moth hitting the lamp. I saw it for a second - and gone. Now moth-paranoia started. Just bought the DVD's Shaun the sheep. So, we are really having "life is a treat". Bleet!