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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Owls, and rhymes

A fuzzy Amaryllis in bloom, does not capture the relief of spring. Sorry, I doubt I will finish my Latvian mitten nr 2. I thought I was doing it on the night shift (boat-guard!). But I heard owls. And me and my dear hubby, woke up our sailboat from the winter slumber. It was cold, but not freezing. I really got tired, couldn't knit. So at 5 this morning, when the morning light showed us, it is going towards summer, we headed home. So, I came late to the stich and bitch meeting at Maria's yarn shop. Filled as always with "everyone". Great knits ongoing. Sun shining outside. And I just sat and "drueled" over the arcun... unpronouncable south american wool yarn in the turquoise, blue tint that is just so fresh. No, I had a steady though on my yarn room. And yet, being awake with my dear husband - finally really having time, walking around the very dead boat parking (all on land!) in total silence (except the owls) and our flashlights, It was weird. All were at their easter mode, I was just there. Coming home to the warm and loving husband, sitting down (quickly fixing of dinner), I saw an easter egg. I the easter egg whys a rhyme. He comes from a tradition of hiding eggs, but quickly confessed that the eggs were sold out at the store. So, his rhyme went like this. "The easter bunnhy has laid four eggs). The first, you find easy, the second is "knivigare" (more tricky, but kniv also means knife). Before you find the third, you will have gone on the wrong thread (ok, my trnslation of "vara på ett stickspår") that has the same meaning. The forth is well hidden. You might even think it is hard to digest. (so, digest in swedish is "svårsmält") had I just translated this into english, I would have found it so much sooner. So, One was in my egg (picture below). Figured that one out quickly. I went directly to my UFO pile and found DUMLE ;-) hidden in the enterlac.. and the knife-box took me a while, since I made dinner, I was sure I picked something up there, but, I remember suddenly that my hubby gave me the knife.. Hmm.. The last one is hidden in our metallic digestice cracker-box. That one took me all nite, I though about digastion, bathroom or something. Well, Happy easter (ps. Finished my easter sweater.. picture tomorrow IN THE LIGHT!)

Friday, April 14, 2006

Easter, finally...

So, here is my easter egg collection (yes, I have done them all myself years ago). Stoneware... Anyhow, I have really worked so hard, and I just feel time to relax. Now Easter is complentation. Get my self back on the agenda, do my Latvian mitten, finish my sweater (1 dm left on last sleeve!) then just the collar. Now the collar is really deeply cut (have not felt sexy lately), but somehow I want to hide behind a lot of stiches.
So, time for self. The problem right now is Im so tired I have no idea what to do. Would be great to fix the yarn room - and the garden clean up. And the sail-boat. And visit the knitting-cafe. And buy the latest Vouge Knitting (have not got a respons if they ever got my subscription). Well the latest Interweave Spinning is great. Maybe I will just spend my time turning the wheel. That would be great! I will sure get the camera out! So,this is a picture of what was long called my "bedroom knitting", since I really attempted to lie down in bed and knit. It is Noro Shinano with plain wool, and - behold, This is my attempt to knit the sleeves first, And I'm NOT happy with them. But I have great plans for knitting the whole thing sideways, with white insets to make it bigger in the right places. Well good nite! Three Scrubs, and one ER, only 2 Sex in the city, perfect knitting companions.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Mumin, yarn.. rambling on..

Mumin is a Finish classic childstory That captures the spirit of everyone, best psychological stuff about life. Anyway, my friend had these mugs, and when strolling around on the airport I just couldn't resist these. In grey is Stinky (stealing bottles) in the way I'm steeling yarn (No! I never steal, but sneak like Gollum, pressious!). Up left you see the reseacher (in me ;-) what a projection! and of course, little My just has fun. So, the stash is this wonderful fat unwashed finish spun lovelys. And the green one is the Himalaya silk (reclaimed!).
So, Enterlac is back on shelf. I have a complex problem to solve, there and I'm in the Latvian Mitten KAL, deadline very soon.. So, not to spoil the fun, have a look at my competing mittens BACKSIDE ;-) still looks great! So, I will work hard to see if I can fix my second (different) mitten on time. That will be challenging.

But, I'm walking nightwatch on my boatclub on Friday, so it will be a whole night to knit and check on boat-owner. Anyway, the problem is that I had planned to knit my EASTER sweater. I have done one sleeve yesterday (much knitting, little blogging)... and there is just one sleeve left (and a collar) and I will look hot with the chickens and eggs! But easter is all about garden, and choclates so this will be a weird Easter. Pruning apple trees in APRIL that is late. Well, now it is time for some more knitting.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Friends, Borgå and brother

So, I went to Helsinki to my dear friend. Anyway, we ended up in Haga-something Saluhall (Market). First I got recycled silk "himalayan Oy", just one hank.(hmmm) , in the beautiful little yarnshop, filled with acrylics "One linie", but some german handpainted wool as well. Then, passing to old sock salesperson, from the corner of my eye I saw, upp behind on a shelf - a basket of yarn with a finnish sign. My friend translated, "unwashed, finish spun wool". What a catch! It was really fat white, light brown and dark brown wool 2 and three threads (I got two) or 6 Euro each (approx 54 SEK) per 100 g. It was heavy! The lady just got it from "middle" Finland. Well, that was it. Then we went to her place in Borgå, what a place.