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Monday, October 17, 2005

Slow, but still going strong!

My dearest readers. Sailboats are not easy to takeout of the water for winter. Not even a stitch, weekend - tired, cold and busy and the goal was to finish the circular cardi and start on the arms, but forget it. The last twisting roads are ultraslow. But a good day at research I think. I lost my special thin large safetypins (for keeping my stiches on the glove.. Telermarksvott- fingers coming up on last hand. Will be done at conferens at end of week. To the left look at an old favorite that has come out. All Alpacka sport from a long time ago (1984 something, the yarnshop was lokated just behind Sergels square, just around from Drottningatan. Is not there anymore).

This little beauty used every inch of yarn.
Great, no sign of bragging ;-) well, I like it, and I like my customized ceramic (stoneware) heart buttons). To all Swedish people I blame my year as a high-scool student at Bullard High in Fresno. One year with the valleygirls did my sense of bragging, well not better. Even the Australian Poppy, and Scandinavian Jantelaw have not got enough guilt into me. So. I'm proud of this sweater. Only thing I wish is that I had one more yard of yarn for the thin grey neckline. Slow... got to find those safetypins... Maybe ordinary pins large size.....Hmmm.