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Saturday, May 05, 2007

ECF: The world is blooming!

Spring brings hope. No real heat yet, but that means I have enjoyed my Enterlac! I must say I was just amazed of all wonderful comments. Thank you! Thank you so much! It felt a bit wild, but It very cosy. Yes I did a neckline, very thin (just four rows), but it is true, It binds it better together. You have no idea how great it feels! I took my sweater to work and I had a someone I never met approaching me (Hi Uppsala Knitter!). Actually I have been working on my "all directions, all colours - free form- happening sweater". I try and put it on, and yepp, It need structure. But I notice a bit craze running around, finding the right pattern and yarn for the next knit. It felt Cotton or silk. I have a great silk yarn that I really want to knit, but I have just not found "THE pattern" for it. That is rare.
Anyhow - I noticed had great pleasure finishing, so maybe I should keep on working on UFO's. (But I got to start some new inbetween). Time to use all those great books and mags! No, time to go outside.. Spring - is sneezing and runny eyes. Attjo, as we say in Sweden. Mitten is from Museum in Hälsingland - Got to have some related eye-candy.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Presenting: Enterlac-Noro- Malabrigo sweater!

So I'm done with a very enjoyable knit - the home-designed enterlac with Malabrigo (colour Emerald) and Noro Kureyon (colour nr 183). I still have three skins of Kureyon left, so Im still debating a neck-line, and yes, it is still unpressed and unwashed. I noticed it is a bit slanted on the pict. but that is more me being exited throwing it on (and a cold husband taking pictures before he fell asleep on the sofa). Knitted on 4.5mm (and on sleeves ending up with 3.5 mm at the cuff). Circular knitted of course. So, I thought it would be rather useful without a high neck/collar, but now (contemplating the picture) I see a neckline would probably make it feel more even... Dear H. 24 hours yarnshopping in NY I just say WOW! - I would go crazy in a city like that - but it sounds wonderful! Do you not end up after a good dinner with a lot of wine (and somewhat lost judgement) buying your Amex to the limit? Waking up with a headacke and 6 bags of yarn? I would - I do it sober! Unfortunately - I have little influence on trips booked at work, so I do not see that easily happen, but, the year is not over yet. This sweater brings me just one month (and 1 day) behind on my Sweater a Month KAL! But Im hanging in there, and I have still not given up to finish some UFO's. Anyhow, Im extatic by this sweater. I will definitely wear it during this coldspell! At least the cold perserves the flowers to a long blooming! Today we are off work on national Holiday. It is really political holiday, but a great recovery from Valpurgis (Valborgs) night yesterday! The students worst party time - but for me now, very quiet and relaxed - my memories of Uppsala champange-galopp are still vivid in memory. This is the time of year filled with hope of a long nice summer. The light is back (4.45 am- 8.45 pm) and it is getting ligher by the day - and the sailing boat is (unmasted) but in the sea!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

ECF - Spring and stories...books..

I couldn't believe this week. Wild strike among Danish SAS (plane) cabin personnel, and I was stuck in Copenhagen. After confusing information and 5 hours (!) in 2 different queues, I was shipped to Sörups herrgård for a great buffe with wine instead of going off to Dusseldorf. Of course - without luggage. Interesting experience. No Asthma medicine, not even a toothbrush.. Anyhow, after inteste days with no knitting and some airport crazy shopping (NOW I know what a "hipster" is...) I came home, and after a long hard sleep, I woke up to a long weekend into my garden bursting of flowers. OK, I paid a little visit to Knitlab (a new yarnshop in Stockholm), and Yep, as new yarnshops look like, a bit careful, but great. A lot of Manos the Uraguay (great colours) and Alchemy -mohair-silk (with one small skein - 215 SEK = 31.27 USD!) It is just too much But those colours.. Ahh.. Anyhow, I got some more interesting books "Victorian Lace Today" and Pam Allens "Lace's Style", not to forget "Heriloom Knitting".... Im Laced up!and ohhh so many beautiful pictures. Anyhow, Im working like a "dog" to both do tax declaration, clean up the garden and finish the wonderful Enterlac before work begans again. Hugs and kisses, and maybe, just maybe - I will be going to Texas about two weeks. But, nothing is set in stone! Then Mary, you better be home for a tour of your LYS's ;-)