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Monday, July 07, 2014

 A hat  - a quick knit

Special made socks for dear mother. Wool, with extra wide and long for swollen legs.

And my lovely hubby, showing off in Kaffe Fasset pattern, knitted by me for his 50th birthday (ok, this is after), when we visited his very happy grandma 96 year and going strong!

PS. Hej svärmor och morsan. Ni har väl inte gett upp att kika på bloggen?
Den kommer igång nu.. så sakteliga!

Tour de Fleece - Spinna (spinning) - Making yarn!

Hello - here is me spinning after all these years. Like a true beginner. But every time it is getting better. Ravelry have this game called Tour De Fleece. or TdF for short. Spin every day. I am in. Like I have never spun before.... And it is going better. Already done 282 meters of yarn in this wonderful white with a "halo" effect.  2-ply. 

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Long Time No See - but here I am again! Garngamen is BACK!

2013 was almost a lost year when it comes to knitting!
I think it all started with a reinstallation of software, which made the picture fixing ability disappear. Then I lost my oomph a bit, knitting Kaffe Fasset insane sweater to husband. I was knit-exhausted. 
It did not get better when I finished the vest for my american "sis" and all my picture was in the mobile, and got stolen. So I am still waiting for a "finished" photo. I do not even think she like it. Knitting when no one uses the stuff is a bit depressing. But maybe it is good. I have still some knits in progress though.
So, there is hope. Also - the life in Ravelry makes blog relatively redundant. One can keep track and post photos so easily - and it is internally for all knitters. Who else cares about the knit adventures? I guess mother in law ;-) Maybe mom, who now is blessed with a pad. But really… 
So - I still have the Stash of a lifetime - that is my yarn room. 
And really ongoing more than anything are: 
 - My ice-cream (summer) sweater - all in thin cotton
 - my Yellow silk top - so little to do, will it fit? again - much bare flesh there.. not suited for public photo.
- Two pair of socks for mom, one with pattern suffering from SSS (Second Sock Syndrome) and the others were ordered to be knee-high - and I am still contemplating the yarn. Of course I got about 5 boxes of yarn from mom, when she cleaned out - none of which I really care for, so I hope to knit from that, but it is no surprise that that yarn are of course not very nice in anyway - feels wasted… Acrylic galore with some fancy 80s fuzzy yarn. 
- And then the wonderful super thin turtleneck in black and many colors… so body almost done, still neck and sleeves to go. 
- And the wonderful Saga in Lopi - so many colors, here I have knitted myself to the yoke - Then it is a collar and a zipper. 

Last year I finished: 
Vest for Stacey (long vest)
A angora Sweet Tee
A hat and headband
hmmm was it something else too? Cannot remember. 

 Now I only need to figure out the pictures again.