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Monday, January 07, 2019

Time flies.. 2019 A knitting reflection

The finished pullover (now) a nice one).
Yes I do still knit. I do not publish much, all on ravelry, but lazy with photos....Some knitting is going on, and some things are actually finished. On top here is the turtleneck pullover in super stretch made from super soft yarn. Rather heavy...Mix of sock yarn and "Champange"... super soft merino.Of course my own pattern.
Florida dress?
 At a work/vacation combined visit to wonderful Orlando, Florida, at the best weather,  I started a new knit cotton in  Olive and lime, think that is the trend colors for spring 2019...?. I do not know how much yarn I got, but aiming for a dress ...still need a sunny vacation  to finish it.... It is already booked. I swear, I just get sick if I do not get vitamine D - Sunshine necessary! And you want to knit cotton against bear legs at the pool? Right? 
Yes, I get a "sparkle of joy" thinking of the knit and the sunshine. One of those "free knittings. You start, it is in the round, and you just go for it.

Alfa Skirt
Here to the left is the Alfa skirt, a knit of the left-overs of the discontinued Sandes Alfa yarn. Mohair and wool. I did a jacket/cardigan. Now I am waiting for the last yarn. Thank you for Ravelry (www.ravelry.com) where you can find anything fiber (including some nice lady in Oslo selling her two extra ball's of yarn), checking mail ever day, should be here now. Free knitting again.

Lastly - a shawl, also with pattern on the whim. I actually spun all the yarn myself, two-ply. It is silk-merino. and much to thin. I made a Färö-style pattern, starting from the outer edge.. but - I am not a very good spinner yet, so it is a bit strange to knit with. Also, it is not washed and stretched at this picture, that should make a change I think.  But very simple, with a little fringe.
Gives me courage to keep on spinning.
Conclusion for 2018 was 8 finished projects.....

So - for 2019? Hope I can finish 10 more projects. Takecare out there. Share your love.

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