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Monday, November 27, 2006

Short update.. Speede preview.

This is not me! This is Machineknitting chair for group "Kullerbyttan" Ann-Britt. She wears a sweater inspired by speede (it is machine knitted!) orginials are done by hand in intrecate patterns on 1.5 mm or smaller. I spent the weekend on a great course for Inger arranged by Sticka. Speede, means needle in the souther sweeden ol' dialect. Anyhow, it is all about doing it nice. Really nice. But I'm a knitter and not into sewing, but knitting, so I have struggled. Therefore I will photo and show you and tell about it when Im back. Anyhow, next week Breda (Rijen) in Holland, and then on Friday to Paris. So, no posting (if I do not get some minutes tomorrow). Now it will short sleep until 7.20 train (meaning 5.30 i.e. 4.30 hours is get-up time!) good nite!