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Saturday, April 21, 2007

So, Blogging about knitting books are boring?

Books were a welcome break. I really enjoyed studying patterns and techniques. And taking a break solved it. Or - 6 reknits of some squares solved it. Sleeve beginnings seemless is just a matter of passing rules. My Enterlac is now progressing again - with superspeed ;-) Today it is really fix the boat day. So no time to blog. But at least some travel-time to knit, and maybe between the primer drying. More updates soon!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

More Book reviews!

First in new Pile is Artic Lace. With promises of both Lace and Quivit (Swe: myskoxe) is felt like a must have. But the first 5 chapters is more pictures of animlas, maps and "here we are" - would suit great in a blog! Then finally it begins, with fleece, how to spin and some ok (rather ordinary) lace patterns.But clear graphs, and some hints on quivit - which Im btw a proud owner of quite a lot of fleece (that I do not have courage to spin yet - it will be my master class spinning!). But mixing it? That would be sacrilage. No, sorry, little to much local celebration and not enough uniqueness. That could on the other hand be found in my next find, Heirloom Knitting's "Shetland Hap Shawls Then and now" by Sharon Miller. Fantastic pictures, great discussions and some interesting colourways presented in a boring way (hey - we are fiber addicts- SWATCH!) Heritage is really something. Then "Spinning in the Old Way" by Priscilla A Gibson-Roberts was opened..First it felt like a kids book, then detailed sketches, WOW! This is a find for any spinner. Will be studied and applied in detail! "Spinning designer yarns" by Diane Varney definitely are filled with good ideas and handy tips. But, after this I desperatly wanted pictures. All hopes filled with my last book of todays batch arrival (I told you I went crazy)... Nicky Epsteins "Knitting beyond the Edge" - Her series is a must for any ambitious knitter. Here are ideas for many many knitting items, and some laughs too. Those loose collars? not in a million, but great to see a book about cuffs, necklines and buttonholes. And, that is inspiration. I could definitely use many of these ideas. And Loose collars is not such a bad idea. Outside is rain. At least it keeps the allergy away... (thanks brother for wonderful picture of me and horse!!)

The first Knitting Books have arrived!

Alice Starmore & Anne Matheson's book "Knitting from the British Isle" had some interesting patterns, not so much fair ilse, mostly aran, gurnsey, but some I have had hear a lot a talk about. I fell for "Tree and flower" which sounds like a great Fair-ilse! Simple and straight forward.
Vandyke was a shetland lace who also looked fab. The "Knitting from the Netherlands, Traditional dutch fishermens sweater's" by Henriette can der Klift-Tellegen, was rather interesting, since they all felt like Guernsey variations. I think if you are dutch this must be more meaningful, since it has some great local history and pictures. But ok. Definitely ok. My last in this first batch was Pam Dawson "Traditional Island Knitting", which Had also Guernsey's fair-ilse and some interesting patterns. Many cable, Aran as well, and many looks very time-less in easy patterns. Actually a lot of sweaters I could give for Hubby. All of these were used but in Mint condition. Im still fighting a "under the sleeve join the enterlac" war. I see why people make simpler solutions. Im into a challenge. I have won before. It just takes courage to tweak the square a bit. Yarn on right is for fair-ilse! Yarn on left is just from stash. It is getting warmer. Time to pick up the silk, cotton and linen-yarn....Soon all the new Artic Lace, Victorian Lace, Heirloom Knitting etc will show up... Oh, I love book sprees, but - I do not really need them. Im just a yarn and Knitting-book collector.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Knitting (Sewing) with tears...

So second course day at Speede. Inger Ohlsson, trying to teach us. Margareta (right) holding up a Speede Inger have done, and discussing patterns and yarn. Me realizing she never learned the first lessing in sewing. Things move, so even if you did measure, you should re-measure. And, the fault was made last time (november!). Catastrophe. But now, all work (4 days) in vain. No, I do not like sewing. But I love Speede. Then I learned that Twinni is a "wrong yarn" for Speede. Hey - I do consider myself rather knowledgable on yarn. I would not go so far. It is to fuzzy and doesn't make a clear relief pattern? Hmm... I really have to swatch some more. Dear Kahlund thought it was ok during her course so.... Any how these to things started to build up... and having a brave face at the course for all textile experts, f.ex the maker of this: Carina O(h?)lsson (I was in awe!) She was just fantastic with the needle. I think Im ok with the knitting, but I never claimed I could do embroydery (even if I really would like to). Anyhow, I felt like a failure and I went home and cried. Great to have a sweet hubby. And I really longed for a good knit. Then I picked up my enterlac, and realize, I just am stuck under the sleeve. Last time I figured it out, but not this... More tears. I just do not get why it messes up. That is no pattern for you. And my new favourite show - Men in Tree's became cancelled for some boring soccer game. So the first warm weekend, I have been stuck inside - tired and sad - and what have I just accomplished - frustration. Not the good news you expect? Well, no pain - no gain... or as someone said. Anything worth having is worth fighting for. So some more choclate from Lindt, stealing (sorry Monika) great links from a lot of blogs and a lot of self pity. Maybe I should rename my blog "The Knitting Martyr". Any help in the self-pity? No, I said no, no, nono no....Well.. It will get better No worries. Im feeling better already! Much better! Look how beautiful you can make these sweaters if you know what you do. AND know how to sew. Mine, that will be a big swatch! It was moth-eaten anyway. Hey new week, new life and new challenges. I need to invent "comfort knitting" totally soothing yarn and no brainpower needed. What is that? Tell me! Islandic sweater! With a pattern! No not another one. Finish. Finish... (and then someone cracks "noooo Swedish!"): Assuming you have humor. but I doooo.... (as Apu in Simpsons sing when he longs for his lost Kwickimart).