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Saturday, April 12, 2008

FO Maya Vest & some stash, and Birch-Shawl

One of my fav yarns. Debbie Bliss "Maya". The last 4 hanks in a shop (in the world?): Found at Görg und Görg at Annastrasse in Aachen. I snatched them like the yarnvulture I am. And I knitted a cabled vest... Pattern is really my own, where I twisted those cables around 1,2,3 times..and it is just a bit to small. I got the neck and the cables as I wanted, but just a tiny bit longer would have been fab. But this is exactly as I have viewed it, with a white blouse underneath. And sorry... it is still unblocked, so a wash and block would make it a bit more even... But! I "have to" show you right? I hear you want STASH! and Sailing boat okok.. we were good last weekend, were it felt like SPRING was here. The sun was shining (and yes, I was BACK LAST week from my pneumonia, the worst was during Easter... So, Im fine! Just still a bit "spring tired"). And - that might be Im knitting all night (and planning sweaters in Raverly) instead of sleeping... back to Last weekend, where we did fix the sailboat. Now it is only that last coat of paint before it goes in the deep. And this week it did snow again. And some chilly wet weather, making me really anti-everything. Anyhow, for you dear Sue: Here comes Jamison & Smith Woolbrokers fab balls in endless of colours. First picture being Luskentyre (Starmore from Scottish Collection). It is slow, and all the colours (almost) are not appealing to me... but I think the mix will move me into a new realm. The yarn is very much carded quality spun yarn. But fast? 2purl with colour Q and 2 purl with colour N I do not think so. But, that never stopped me. Ok, so a better look is on the J&S Wb: Cold Duck Cardigan, which I bought all the yarn from. Much more my colours at the first glance. Also Starmore from SC. Well, while I was at it I also plunged into some greens from J&S.... Just good to have colours. No real plan, but will probably be an alternate Starmore colouring. Who knows? In the middle the discountinued "peach". So interesting. Loving it - but it is a virus, so go through all different patterns and planning yarn. Makes me crazy. Thanks I have support from the best.... Scanned colour cards from the original. you cannot go wrong there. Mommy dearest sent me the two hanks of turqoise for my Poetry cardigan. Now I do not have to change colours. It will be perfect. Thank you! So I have just passed the neck-opening.. But friend of everything... I have feeling guilty of not finishing my gift to my aunt - A birch shawl. So I have knitted on that this week. But I wait to publish that blob.