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Friday, May 22, 2009

Heidi saved you ;-)

Seriously, I was thinking to end my blogging time completely due to the severe lack of comments, and my stats falling, Im thinking this blog are more a surrogate for my family, instead of talking to me. But I guess there are some knitters out there, that occasionally drops in, and actually reads my ramblings... like Heidi and her great knitting, I mean Autumn Rose, that is a fair-ilse, and her latest cardi... how great. Me Im fighting with the template to get the blogheader better. Im so tired of looking vanilla, Im almost walking down and buying photoshop only to fix it... Well, It is holidays here, but so much work, garden, reviews....so sigh, Im NOT getting my knitting done. All "many projects knitters" know this, 5 rows here, and 10 rows there, and suddenly a whole lot are done at the same time. The rain showers are to short, so there is not enough serious knitting time. But - thank you - my thumbs are getting back into order. I think it was a cold infection that played there in the joints. Like an alien. Now it has moved elsewhere in my body. Ok, this is a small sample of my new banner (if it works)... Ok the yarn pic is z-twined Kempes (Anne-Maj's Ling's colour chart!).