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Sunday, September 16, 2012

I am back ;-) And my little critter!

Dearest friends and critters! So, I feel like the little sheep dangling... a bit "fuzzy". Ok, I need new glasses. I have been working more than usual, and my knitting and fiber time has been very limited. Maybe because I have been driving the car more, so there has not been enough "sitting on the train knitting".. these hours count. Maybe it is because I go to bed earlier, since the unusual summer actually officially not counted as a summer (only 6 days of sunshine and temperatures over 20).. I am also more tired. But, I did a little sheep. Inspired by my favourite, Shaun the sheep. He dangles in the lamp usually. The main knitting project is the attempt to finally finish this delicate lace and glass-bead kid silk and mohair vest (is it?) we well see. As always, my home made knit talks to me, and it depends on the yarn if it gets a V-neck, some sleeves or not. It is very time consuming. But the inspiration here is Sea, the waves, and the with froth, and of course gleeming with beads as the sea sparkles. I miss the sea. And swimming. So it will be very nice!
I think it is a good knit. I am starting to see the end of it. I hope I have the right white blouse underneath, to really show it off. But, I though you deserved an update, even if I prefer blogging with ready made items. It is almost "spoiler alert" otherwise. It is very nice yarn, and I only have one ball of each, so the lace is supposed to make it last. It is the old "birch" pattern if you remember (I have done two shawls in it). A simple repeat of 10 stitches. And easy both in the round and back and forth (as I have just divided for sleeves, and soon for V-neck.  It is light as a feather, but I think it will have some warmth, now when the evenings grow colder. I am so happy about finishing some of my old knits, it feels I am "cleaning out". Which is a general mode this summer. Cleaning out. We have really cleaned and throwned away a lot in cellars and garage. Having moved dear mom also meant that I have now another 5-6 boxes of yarn. I think I will have to give some away, but there was also some finds in there.  A lot of superthing, one-thread for weaving though. Ok, so the sea-breeze, is soon off the needles. Since we are in confession time, what I am doing.. I must confess that  I have started something new.
It was one of those times, when yarn, pattern and idea just came together. It is an old Rowan pattern called Prue. The original is in one colour, with that white brim, and long sleeves. But I though my yarn just will be perfect, and keeping the rib and collar (and maybe the sleeve edge) in neutral with the white, and then have the lace part in the variegated. It is a wonderfully soft yarn Ambrosia, and it will fit my purple linen pants I "lived in" this summer. The lace is rather demanding, but I think I got the hang of it. I am more worried when it is time to split and go backwards with this lace. It is sort of "Henley" shaped. The thinking is if I will just keep it stocking stitch (no lace) on the top part (so you do not see through there...) But the pattern has not. Anyhow, it will be no or very short sleeves. It should be for summer. Well, having been in wonderful Poland, Wroclaw last week I cannot help longing for the sun. Sorry for scarse posting. But next time will be in two weeks! I hope to have finished some more exiting knits.
Take care my friends. I am still around. Just slower on the blog..