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Friday, December 30, 2011

The magic year of 2011!

Where to start the reflection of this fantastic magical year of 2011? I reached two milestones of my life. Getting my PhD and turning 50! It is still a surprise that I managed to to anything else to be honest, but I did sacrifice my summer vacation - and I do feel that now. I finally got some spinning done - not much - but the sunshine reminds me of my short breaks to catch some sunshine between hours in front of the computer. I did learn Navajo ply - which was exiting! The Inspira sweater - based on a cowl based on a hat - in the wonderful Artyarns - knitted in corrugated rib - with "relaxing rows" inbetween - was a very long knit - but with a beautiful result - My Inspira Sweater - which was one of the 12 sweaters I managed to knit this year. Otherwise I think my big contribution have been mittens. This pair as many - are given away. Magic years are giving years. And I do appreachiate all the hard work and support I have recieved. So this year is full of memories! I think my favourite sweater (in a tie with Inspira) must be Choclate crossing. It came to life commuting to work - and the yarn is soft and yummy. Even if it pills a lot. Most pleasure has been knitting the intricate mittens with "scandinavian/baltic" patterns. I just love picking my own favourite colours - and they are relatively fast done. Best knit 2011? The wonderful mittens or the scrumptius sweaters? I cannot tell. It is hard to tell if a tricky fair-ilse in honest yarn (that does not pill) can compete with the caress of the softest there is... Highlights are for sure KnitNation in London and meeting knitting friends - and my PhD "event".. ohh come to think of it - it has been such a magic year. I am truely blessed. One could of course discuss my WIP/UFO pile that maxed out on 100 - now to 82 - but I have knitted 30 items this year. It is rather great! Ok - you actually have to browse the blog to find all of my knits - that is the trick - it is nice to have the history. It is a bit sad when it disappears. I have slowed down a bit though in my posting. Maybe because the last months I have been knitting really time-consuming knits. But - I guess that is how it goes, sometimes one must slow down to speed up. Ohh I watch all my pictures and think about the lovely time to come. The light. The spring. The year of the Dragon.. Getting my 82 below 42? That would be a goal! Many more sweaters and blogging. So wonderful! I hope I can knit some more. At least I will commute more and longer. That is so exiting! Take care out there and hope you have a wonderful magical year of 2011 as I did!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

FO: St Brigid finally got its zipper!

It is wonderful - the St Brigid, from the knitting master - Alice Starmore. I reworked it as a cardigan, and put a zipper in, a great idea, since it more a "jacket" in this thick yarn - bought on a great trip with Sticka to the Dala-Floda Spinnery - Vålbergs! And the yarn is also Vålbergs - very much dyed of the old master. As you can see - with some interesting colour-changes. Ok - I am seriously thinking of knitting this again some day. In thinner yarn, and as a sweater. It has actually been ready since November about two years ago (rather embarassing to tell)... but it just took me the best so long to get the zipper in place... But - I am happy I did!
Perfect for the first snow fall, and to snuggle up in!
Time to get ready for the holidays! Hopefully filled with lots of knitting!

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Finally an FO: Panda-striped Vest

It is not the best knit I have done. It is souvenier yarn from Shanghai - and the "quick-knit vest" was started 2007 - turned out to be one of those UFO's. But this UFO is landed and not an FO. So I renamed it to Panda-striped Vest. The colours are the brown (extinct?) Panda, and very improvised. But the new "phone" pocket is bigger - to fit the new Android ;-) I am thinking I am glad I do not have an IPAD - then I need the entire front to be a pouch - like a Kanguroo... LOL... Anyhow, I must confess I have been a bit "off computers"... for awhile - at least on my free time, but in fact - I have really had a working frenzie - to catch up with everything that has lagged beind. Anyhow, I was in wonderful Madrid last week. Visited three yarnshops.. and yes, I got some wonderful cashmere. But I need to fix photo's right??? Tell you more later!
Hugs out there... It is cold! Really cold and windy.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Shh! Do not tell....

I am working on Viola's shawl (swe. halsduk) that she wished for her birthday. She said it must be "rust" colour - and I think I did a rather good choice - finding this lovely baby-alpaca yarn from the Blue Mountains (Laura) in Australia. At least that was I was lead to believe until I realize that they import their yarn as everyone else - it said so on the label. Well, I have been improvising, but sort of got stuck on this pattern. So, some regularity now. Still a bit to go, but still time to get there. Otherwise, it is indoor pictures, since it gets dark at 16.00 and then daylight on a weekend means raking leafs and picking apples.... and then it is dark. But I do feel good! Take care now!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

I am back! FO; Supervisor hat and socks & more yarn

So my dear supervisor (who is a marathon runner/cross-country skier) has a sore overstrained foot. I knitted one sock urgently for my Dr Garngamen graduation party to heal. Here is number two. Great Lovikka yarn has great healing potential ;-) The real gift was the hat - made up with left-overs from my Bohus Forest Darkness - and some real wonderful cashmere/angora/fine merino blend.
It suited him great! At least it was super soft in luxury yarn. Ohh it feels good! Finally my PhD. How great to research. I am back here again. I have worked on gifts -and the "fall-hat" (to one person in the examination committee) is already wrapped in a package, so no picture (!). Sad...ah, well, I have to knit another one....Anyhow, I am now digging into the gift section - for all the people who have suppoerted me. So first and foremost is a sweater for hubby on its way. Long overdue. at least 200 hours to knit.. Which of course takes a few weeks even if you are at it. Well, I guess all my knits take "forever" right now... well... talking about gifts.. - I also got wonderful gifts - not to mention, Spamalot (theater), Spa-treatments (yiha), Lots of wonderful Choclates (yummy) and books, glasses and beautiful flowers and champange ;-) Thank you all! And thank you too for this wonderful handdyed wool-yarn. I have absolutely no idea what to do - but this mix could be a good start for exotic mittens and socks!
Outside is actually late fall. Grey, damp. Definitely been frost - since all leafs are giving up in a last colour galore. And I am pruning trees, and picking fruit and... you know... lot of stuff has not been done for months....The only complaint I have is that the health serviced missed I had lyme-disease (for more than half a year)... that explains a lot of my fatigue..,,But I am recovering now. So, be patient with me. I will soon get all things going here... Blog - come alive! Sunday posting - I am back! Feels good. Now starts the rest of my life.

Monday, October 03, 2011

OT- FO: Nailing my PhD Thesis

I admit! I have been busy doing other stuff than Knitting! I finished my 400+page PhD Thesis, that is now Nailed in good cermony. It is like any other FO - but not really - since I still have the actual defence and dissertation still left to do. But I am happy it is printed in its final version! I have been glued to the computer (and thesis) day and night for some time now (which explains the lack of any knitted items!)
Defence: 21 October at 13.00. Do not expect much knitting until then. Hopefully I will be back in my "normal" one knitting/blogging a week speed then! If I am not like a pile of yarn! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

FO: Silk Swings Again

Silk swings again! The intention was a "swing jacket". But not enough yarn to make it really swing. Also - the "again" is of course a hint that this is "recycled silk". Not really recycled yarn but recycled cloth/sari's. I love the thought of it. And I had fun inventing the pattern myself. Even added my own buttons. The lower-edge is filled with small glass-beads - but they totally drown in this -what a waste of effort. I am most proud of the little "phone-pocket" that is well hidden in the "pattern". Ok - I will loose my extra bulk - and THEN it will be a swing-jacket! Just some more weeks tied to the computer! Then my new life will start ;-) Just wish the cold would leave. It was really "dark falling fast" when taking these pictures, so I hope you get the idea.... And yes, a wash/press will make them sohoho much better. But fun. And Finished! (I am not going to talk about the wonderful Szeged, and the horrible Budapest-Lizt security at the airport - who took my 3.25 needles.. so no progress on the "former sweater"). New things ahead. Soon this web-side will be more alive ;-)

Sunday, September 04, 2011

In progress: Årsringar and The Melon

Life has never been more hectic than now. And everything feels "In progress"... my thesis, the new and wonderful blue cashmere "Årsringar" and the wonderful melon that came from just pushing some left-over seeds in a pot. Never have I been so behind, never have a date been so set. This is the moment when you say - it will be another summer, it will be time to fix this and that later, and I MUST not defend my thesis in a favourite home-made sweater. Somehow I am also feeling a bit "blue"... I have never felt so old, that the end is near of life, universe and everything. No wonder I am procrastinating. I wish I just could slow things down a bit. The fall - so my veggies can grow, the hours of the day - so I have time for everything. But really, one must just see it as it is. Life has its cycles, and cease the day. I just want to say. take a deep breath - rejoice for what we have, and dream of the day, where our own grown melon can ripe and become a tasty moment before the frost, the thesis is in print, and Årsringar is proudly worn on this blog. Yes, yes - I was out sailing last week - a wonderful break with friends. We set a new record for a small boat in the gusty wind - we were surfing along with the winds on 8 knots... Which is almost above the possible limit for our 26.24 feet (8 meter) little sailboat. Time to go and harvest the one corn cob that seems finished (compared to the others!)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

FO Hatifnatt and IMACOM

Training and the finishline for my Thesis. So much work, so little time. And I am training. Today almost an hour! I am hurting in every muscle, but that is what

to be expected. It is crazy. It is called IMACOM. For a long time I tried to make it "Ignore" month of August Cast On Mania. But I succumbed and it became the real Inofficial COM. I started with a hat - Hattifnatt to start. Took just a few hours to knit, but the tassel was a week of procrastination. Do not believe I do not knit, I knit - therefore I am... But all is almost there. And I also did a frogleg (ha.. could not resist that!!) I mean - I frogged (ripped back the yarn) of a leg on the shorts I am knitting. And then my dear Scotish friend inspired me to really go for it - Dahlia. This is the lace-panel on the back - great is it not? Yarn - Cashba from Handmaiden. Lush - scrumptious yarn. Merino, cashmere and yeah Nylon.... but spongy and great definition. It is a sock yarn, but I hope it will work for this project. Also started something more, but again torn inbetween "finishing" and starting new. Ignore or Inspired... Hard to tell! But still going stronger!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

FO Yummy Shawl Collar Cardigan

It fits for the pouring rain finally hit our dry garden. This is the Yummy Shawl Collar Cardigan, from Vouge Knitting or "Designer Knits" as the European version is called (which is stupid if you ask me!) - any how, very fashionable, very snug and comfortable cardigan. I am so pleased with (almost) everything. My added pockets, my elongated sleeves and body and the colour. What I am a bit upset about is that this wonderful yarn - Lorna's Laces is superwash. But the colour was unresistable - "Amy's Vintage Office" which was made for especially for Amy - the editor of Knitty. Knitty is a web-magazine - full of free patterns.

Otherwise it is the usual busy times here. Time is running out on thesis work... stressful... but I had to get an energy boost by sailing (where most of this was knitted). Ahh 19 C in the water and just wonderful...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wonderful KnitNation in London and FO: Leyfi-Löv

The wonderful limescarf over the fleece was a gift (as one of the books) of the wonderful knittingfriends from the world of Ravelry. London (and KnitNation) was in summary great! Knitting, yarnsales, books and long walks and meeting dear friends! In any case I have been working pretty hard on the thesis - almost there.... and then knitting and training so little time for anything.
But managed to finish Leyfi - Löf, leaf - that I started in February with the nick-name "I want spring NOW"... in July that is so wrong. But nevertheless, today the winds are shaking the cherry trees....and I need to water the plants.... of course posing ;-) I actually hold 4 yarns together, alpaca, silk, and Mimi from Warp&Weft in yellow, and another silk thread with bobbles handdyed by Ann - Anntorps Väv. Warm. Wonderful lacey. Well life goes on for us, but it is just horrid what happened in Norway. Poor kids! We should just be happy with every day on this earth! Love, Peace and Understanding to the world.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tour de Fleece. Day 3 - Navajo/Andean plying..

So day three. New fleece. This is plain swedish (estonian?) wool from UlloMera. It is again spun on my spindle, and for the first time a did the "bracelet" thing - navajoe 2-ply or as some call it "andean plying". Very smart indeed. The fleece-has two colours, but I have done nothing really. I know I should soak it and hang to dry in the hank, but instead I just made it directly to the hank. So - an entire days worth. I would knit this in 5 ok, 10 minutes.... so much yarn needed. But I still have a lot as you can see. I am not really happy with final result, but that is life. Practice makes it better. We have all been beginners, right?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Tour de Fleece! Spinning!

Ok, I am still knitting, but there is Tour de Fleece going on (of course, you are -when you are "spinning" supposed to look at the bicycle-race in Tour de France....I am still spinning my own "wheels".

Since it was some years ago I did spinn my first day spinning on the right, and today on the left - it is definitely a bit uneven, but getting better... but it still has a bit of lumps and bumps, of it was "perfectly even" it would not look handspun... but of course - one should train so one CAN do "perfectly even" first. This is just the first thread.. the singles, z-spun, then two together becomes the well balanced 2-ply thread... this is of course called "plying"...

So, my little goal is to do some just for the fun of it for a few days. Each of this is not very long but it is one hour spinning on each... Thank you for the nice comments on my blog - for my mittens.... I thought I just told you a few posts back CarrieK, about my title on my thesis. Read the text, LOL! I know. I also mostly look at the pictures. Fleece is from Kartehuset.dk (at the syfestival).. superfine merino (16my) with camel, alpacka and silk. Lovely to spin.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

FO- Kurzeme - Barta mitten

It is simply beautiful patterned work in the Latvian Mitten from the District of Kurzeme. This mitten is called Barta mitten (pattern plate 117). That I knitted "exactly" as the pattern is - but I cannot really take the colour palett from the book - so I do my own modern take on this. This pattern really contains all my favourite colours (except from the green palett) which I also love. Funny that the lime look very yellow in this setting. Anyhow, I am very happy about this mittens, "fits like a glove" as they say.
Otherwise I have started a second blog. Equally "boring".. but for you stalkers - check out my attempts to achieve my goal of "Getting in Shape" in time for my PhD. Trying to log exercise and food. I am doing this for myself - to keep honest, and feel better (and of course look smashing on my big day!) Also - we are doing a lot of work around the house, so this will be talked about there... Join the fun!
Finally, dear commenter - I have a series of links to yarnshops in Sweden and Denmark to the right in this blog. If you make yourselves known - you can mail me in Ravelry where I linger under the same name (garngamen). Also - if you do not have a Ravelry account - it is about time you get one, it is free - and being a knitter and not joining Ravelry - you are missing out big time. This is pretty much my summer. Knitting, Thesis, workout and fixing my home. Have it great out there!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

FO - Choclate Crossing

Ok - Choclate Crossing is ready - Midsummer day! After intense rain-showers and (still) some nasty cold, (but I do get great service when I am sick...). We sneak a photo in the shower breaks posing on our "mediterran" wall... with cermic pots made by me and the great blue lobelia in flowers... Now This knit is not done in a week (which you can believe if you follow the blog)... I knit a lot of knits simultaniously, and this has followed me in the car commuting to work for a very long time. (No, I am NOT driving!)...The cables were so great, and the yarn - Malabrigo is the softest. Love the name colour of the yarn "Rich Choclate"... and the pattern is modified version from Interweave Knits (some years ago)..but I can for sure spot some strawberry in there..... Just need the champange ;-) Sweater is a bit to warm, but will be perfect for fall. Did not do all cables on the back, but some.....Have a wonderful Summer you out there! Take care!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

FO Gripsholm

The rain was really bad, and I was balancing on slippery slope in the garden. Anyhow, I am still happy having finished this beautiful cardigan. The stripes were so nice to knit and is very flattering. A fun knit, with many modifications. I already love it. And the colours...Definitely a bit tired after intense weeks, and it does not seem to end just jet. But rain is great for the vegetable garden... It has been a bit dry after all. Spinage, carrots, beetroot, mangold and radish are staples, but we also experimented with broad beans and corn this year, making the veggie garden look like a "tent". Our pests are of course mostly dear Bambi, who eats anything - and also has got a baby.. . Ok, it is a bit dry.. we needed that rain! The little cuties. It is heart-breaking to chase them away, but they can totally demolish all the roses, flowers and trees - and not to mention the veggie garden.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Soon, very soon...

I have knitted and worked and worked and knitted. And yet, I am still not completely done. Wonderful Cardigan Gripsholm pattern, by the Swedish designer Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton, Mariefred. I have had the yarn for ages. It is Noro Kureyon in the now gone colourmix nr 52.One of my favourite Noro combinations. I mean blue, turqoise, green and lime and purple - all in different shades. Love it.It is mixed with Noro Cash Iroha in black. Which makes the colour even better. I still have half a sleeve to do, but since I did not post anything last week, I thought you were waiting ;-) Otherwise we are still fighting the cold that just does not seem to disappear.. and tick-bites maybe infectious, and the normal hurdles of life... but when the peonies are blooming, sun is shining, it is hard to complain about anything....really. Life is to beautiful. Full of colour, full of hope. Finally we go the vegetable garden seeds in. And I am still working on the two last chapters of the thesis... Still much review and rework to do, but getting there.... ahh, subject? "Software Testing" (computer science/software engineering). PhD date 21 Oct (probably). Title "On Test Design" (I think... it is short and bold..but so am I).

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer cardi/top in Cotton

It is summer. At least summer feel to the green and lush. I knitted this top/cardi. It is actually yarn from an old (20-25 years old??) cotton sweater that I frogged, that I never was very happy with how I knitted it, so this is so much better. It is almost (swe. veke-garn) wick-yarn, with a thread of linnen around it. Did some flowers to make it happier and used my ceramic buttons. Surprisingly warm. Otherwise it is the first and very nice day relaxing and home. Rain is in the air so we see how gardenwork is going. But all is in bloom, and it just great.
Have a great day! And thank you kindly for your nice comments. It cheers me up and motivates me to keep posting here, even if times are busy.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lopi mittens done...and some OT..

I have been very good posting almost every week (often sundays) on this blog. So, sorry dear readers for the short break. First we were at the wonderful London (with work) which also included some yarnshopping at Loop in Islington (Bought Handmaiden..and some stuff) I could have gone to Uppsala.. but the pound is low, so ok, Lovely shop! Lovely people. Of course, I am getting so exited since I did get into KnitNation in July. Will be such a great event to meet people. Anyhow - another highlight (except Liberty ;-) was the resturant "The Pearl". A once in a life-time thing. I can strongly recommend their tasting menu. Not cheap, but worth the sacrifice. I eat porridge for weeks to redo that. Now last weekend was equeally intensive. 80 year or birthday of hubby's uncle. And 30 year reunion of my dear schoolfriends. I am truely blessed. Now - to the MITTENS! My own little fish-pattern and the colours are in Islandic Plötulopi and the white is mohair/wool blend (handspun) from northen Sweden. Best part is that they fit to hat and cardi. A set. I did some aha - knitting these "free hand". Here it goes - "advice" for knitting Bulky Yarn" mittens.

  • If you knit loosely, they will not be very warm, since big wool = big loops. So - Oversize them and felt them for a warmer mitt. Note it is very difficult to get propotions right.

  • Note that the more felted the heavier the mitt is.

  • The wrist is really sensitive to "harsh" wool. If you make it tight around the hand wrist, coat it with something soft.

  • Decide if you want large cuffs - that can go "outside" your jacket, or they are a plan for "inside" the wide jacket arm. You do not want a gap between the sleeve and the mitt.

  • Personally, I like a little decrease just to make the mitt have a snug fit around the handwrist. It stays in place.

  • A slender mitt makes the hand look slender. That also goes for the thumb. Elegant!

  • But the younger you are, and also - depending when you are using your mittens, they might be wider - wide mitts is good, since you can wiggle your fingers inside!

  • Fair-ilse mittens (meaning, patterns with two or more yarns. are best to make a mitten warm), the more yarn carried - the thicker it is - you aslo need more "room" in them.

Enjoy! PS. Several sweaters in the making... ;-) I will be back!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Another Pair of Mittens: Latvian Alsunga pattern

The Latvian Pattern book is filled with fantastic patterns. This is from the district Alsunga, but I made it "in my own" colour scheme, since in my mind, the entire colourscheme used in the book does not appeal to me. It reminds me of the 70's.. and not in a good way... The pattern is rather busy and I know I should have taken the picture in a softer light, since it really shows that they are not been blocked (wet, and pressed). Well, there are more work on these: Folded lace edge, and the thumbs match the pattern (so they should be "invisible" held against the mitten)... But I guess it does not really show. I used Östergötlands Ullspinnery yarns. You can see the tree blooming in the background, I am unfortunately fighting the normal spring allergies together with a cold. Let's say it is not as pleasent as knitting. Btw. Thank you all for you superkind comments. It is so nice to know that someone else enjoys knitting accomplishments. Have a great day now!! The sun is out again!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tangled Joke ;-) Cardigan Finished!

With the Forsythia in bloom behind, I pose on early Saturday morning in the wonderful Tangled Joke cardigan (ok, it is really Tangled Yoke ;-) But you know we Swedish cannot pronounce Y it sounds like J. Wonderful pattern from Eunny Jang (Interweave knits) that has this nice cable that goes around. I must say I really like it. Nice and comfortable. But it is getting warmer - and this is for cooler weather ! Yarn is the Jaeger Luxury Tweed, which has mohair in it. A bit "fuzzy" and unfortunately itchy. But a nice knit whilst commuting to work. The cable had to be done in a more concentrated state, but otherwise,a rather simple knit.

Happy Valpurgis celebrations - Glad Valborg to all of you!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Only 1 FO - Orange Mittens!

Reaching for the sky! These mittens are special in many ways. I did the cuffs long time ago (yes, they have glass beads) and angora edging. But they were a bit too big. So I added some Mojärv left-over yarn and the wonderful repeat pattern from Aino Parkli (Estonian master knitter from Tartu). But the actual mitten pattern and colour mix is my own. And I think they turned out great. A bit late for mittens, but they are fun and inspiring to knit - and my cold is really preventing me to be my best in the garden, sigh....Right now we have a red-ant battle on-going. It is really war! But otherwise it was a Happy Easter to us - and I hope to all of you! Thank you for your nice comments!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Two FO: Latvian mitts and Ewa Socks

It took me 6 years to make the second mitten to the Latvian mitts (pattern 19) from Uptis book in yarn from Östergötlands Ullspinneri. I did ran out of the back blue. But now it is done. It feels good. Below is the Ewa socks, pattern is Ulrika K. who runs the StickaMera SockKlubb. This was March entry. I really like them. Simple straighforward and fast to knit. The yarn is Regia 4-färg that I bought sometime years ago. Probably in Aachen. As you can see, spring is finally here in full bloom. It is wonderful. And the final apple-tree is pruned. Now garden cleaning is next step.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

3 FO again: 2 Mittens and a Shawl

First are the Vasa halvvante - (halfmitt). It is crochet (or jaquard crochet) with several colours, and then the white middle part is knit, to be finished off by more crochet. They are just lovely. They pattern is based on the Finish wonderful pattern "Korsnäströjan" -which is an east Finish knitting to mix like this. Not "my" colour, but a good first attempt. Then I finally did the embroyderi on the back side of the Kragvantar. They are wonderfully cosy. And it has almost a little fire in the blooms ;-) Anyhow,finally the snow has melted away, and the spring blossoms have started. I put my initials on these "kragvantar" and some bling too.., a buit late in the season. My last finished is a shawl. It is a shawl "Pimpad Liese" whish is done in the most wonderful handpainted yarn that I bought on the Knit-meet in UK years ago. I love it. Soft and "just my colours". Will suit all my green jackets. I actually knitted this this fall. But since one knits the edge at the same time, there is an decrease at the "way back", which I did "too fast". So I had to rip it up, and reknit half of the shawl. But now it is done. And I am super happy! And yes, we continue to eat our great noodle soups....It is constantly improving. We finally found the little quartier in Stockholm, that hold all the interesting foodshops. Not only could we finally find black mustard seeds, but also the Indian "Dahl", which looks like a cross between chick-peas and lentels... Dearest got Dahl in front of the eyes...So I guess we eat indian today. Yum Yum. Otherwise we are both plagued with a spring cold. I guess that happens waiting for our wind blew down the electricity and thus all trained stopped for hours. What a chaos. Again. And waiting around outside in the cold for several hours. That is not fun! Not fun at all. Glad I had good company (and the knitting).

Sunday, April 03, 2011

OT: Noodle Soup

In our very short break to recharge our batteries - we decided to take a "home" vacation, sleep long hours, in a fresh made bed, and eat good and healthy. Also celebrating the Wagamama coming to Stockholm, where we have their cookbook - and they pay hommage to Tampopo - one of my favourite movies (about the "perfect ramen- noodle soup!" We got so inspired to attempt our own. In my handmade bowl - it was as delishious as it looks. Of course husband is my own Maestro Chef! Thank you for all nice comments on the Inspira sweater. It is great! Now I am on the finishing streak with several mittens. Ok, I did finished the panties but they will not be on this blog or posed... (but I tell you a secret - they are on me now - and they are lovely to wear. Just like hand-made socks has that extra feeling. Life is good!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

3 3 FO's: Inspira Sweater, Punkt Fem and Nemisis socks

Finally done. The Inspira sweater - based on the Inspira Cowl, corrugated Rib pattern. I winged the pattern for the sweater myself, and knitted top-down. A lot of short-row's to lift the back. Yummy yarn - it is indecita alpaca held together with Solsilke's lynx (the purple), and then Artyarns Silk Rhapsody for the colourful main. Very soft yarn. But the alpaca is just a tiny tod itchy. Very snug fit...Now on the right is Punkt Fem - which is really named after the yarn- Point Five that is a Colinette yarn in colourways Copperbeach. I bought it on a sale, but it was not enough - but found some more at dear Ann (Ann-torp's väv) in Gamla Stan (old town). Three hanks would do the sleeves. They are knitted - and then frogged -since colour is just slightly different (different colour bath), but worse is that the newer yarn is just a big bulkier and "fluffier" which made this look like a Michelin Man... no - I am know crocheting (you can see my little cuff) and thought I will have removable sleeves (fastened with a button on the shoulder). Maybe. I actually love the vest as is. Buttons are my own ceramics experiment. Finally on the StickaMera SockKlubb (from 2010) socks Nemesis - Or "Silicon Valley Nemesis socks" as I named them, starting them in San Jose, and buying the yarn there... What to do on boring hotel rooms? The yarn is a favourite - Lorna Lace sock yarn, but honestly. It looks better in the hank than on the sock It bleeds weirdly (pools). Pattern is rather nice though. But took me 4-ever like a good "Nemesis" project should do. Maybe that has been the reason for the slow finishing streak??? Now I am back on track again. It feels good. So it is time to dig in and make the SockKlubb socks for THIS year instead. It will be my main knit (and a sweater) for my next week - In Berlin, and hotel again.... Glad dearest is home feeding fish and taking care of business. He just made the best Semla from scratch I ever had. I mean - he even did the almond-mix in the middle. No wonder the Inspira sweater feels tight... Back to the gym!